Kitty lesson on healing

???????????????????????????????Lately I’ve been thinking about the difference between the domesticated and the wild. It started when one of our cats received a terrible gash in her foot, raw down to the bone. My stomach twisted in a knot to see it.

The cat didn’t want me to clean or pull together and bind the wound. I thought about taking her to the veterinary, however putting her in a carrying bag would have made her scramble and I didn’t want the gash to worsen.

She never made a big deal out of it.

The kitty is housetrained, however she definitely embraces her independence.

Creatures in the wild are survivors, independent. Whereas, the more we become domesticated, the more dependent it seems we are.

Being an avid reader, I came across a few ideas. From 21st Century Science and Health, “Spiritual being, as God’s reflection, doesn’t need domestication, but is always beautiful and complete.”

I also read in Two Winters in a Tipi: My Search for the Soul of the Forest, by Mark Warren about how he learned to respect the wild creatures as intelligent. While living in the tipi, a rat snake would visit to eat mice. Mark Warren was delighted because the mice were eating his granola.

Though my stomach still twisted for a couple of days while petting and speaking quietly to our kitty, telling her her substance is whole, spiritual, and flawless, I could see a blend of a love that independently is at work.

Within a few more days, the wound filled in quickly and new fur grew over the area. My stomach now is at peace and I’m humbly grateful to see a law of healing at work. This law of healing is not dependent on sophisticated methods, but is backed by love and the truth of our spiritual beingness.


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