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When reading…

When reading the Bible, I find the text more beneficial when I read for thoughts.

Reading to learn about how human beings think and act, or reading to learn history is helpful, but it’s basically inert knowledge.

Reading for thoughts however is active knowledge. It’s knowledge I can apply to my everyday life.

For example, from the modern Christian Science Bible lesson of this week, subject, independence I read in my Bible, Romans 6 and this verse stuck out:

“Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with Him, knowing that Christ, having been raised from the dead, dies no more.”

Humanly and historically, the reference to Christ and death brings the image of Jesus being crucified and resurrected. Knowledge that sits in my mind until I re-read and look for thoughts.

The thought of Christ is universal. We all have unity with Christ-spirit. We all can identify with the Christlike nature of compassion, mercy, truthfulness, trustworthiness. Anytime it feels as though one of those qualities has died, it will be raised and die no more because their source is God, divine Truth, the same God that created us.

Last week, I felt as though my energy was exhausted. As if it died. When I prayed, instead of praying for my energy to return, I prayed to align my thought with the thought that divine energy dies no more. My energy did return however it feels more solid because I was touched with a sense of divine energy being more substantial than human energy.

When reading the Bible, or any text, I look for thoughts, connections to the divine, rather than learning what other people did or didn’t do. What is God doing now? What has God done forever? The answers are mine, and die no more.


New Book

Thought provoking book for those interested: Click for link to Amazon


What do you want?

The stronger want will rule over the weaker want.

But it’s hard to know what we really want because we generally have so many wants.

We want mindfulness. We want happiness. We want health.

In all honesty, we also want status, ritual and money.

Due to the unsure human nature, those wants get twisted. We all know someone who compromised their integrity with the wants of self-interest and status. We all know someone who was intimidated by leaders for the want of money. Thereby, true wants don’t manifest and people have status and money, but live and move in a small cliques with even smaller effectiveness in the world.

From Ezekiel, “‘You say, “We want to be like the nations, like the peoples of the world, who serve wood and stone.” But what you have in mind will never happen.”

Our wants also get twisted after bad experiences and we then, don’t want. We don’t want to lack mindfulness, we don’t want to be unhappy, and we don’t want to be sick.

Starting from the “don’t want” scenario, our actions tighten into a vicious struggle against the enemies we have created; the self-created enemies of mindlessness, unhappiness, and sickness. We become defensive and isolated.

No doubt, human wants vary and vacillate, sporadically and according to circumstances. Their end results are death and the expectation of death. Therefore, we want to turn away from human wants and put our hope and faith in the want of Life, Truth, and Love, God.

“We want to keep our immortal consciousness open to spiritual existence and to our God-given powers.”—from science & religion to God

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus counsels on wanting life and love.

Want to feed. Matt. 15:32 Give people the help they need, not the help you think they are supposed to accept and give back.

Want to settle accounts. Matt. 18:23 Don’t expect others to meet your terms, listen to others with a mind that gives forth truth and life.

Want to serve. Matt. 20:27 Don’t want to be great, famous and popular.

“Our limited knowledge of matter and its energy is not mind or intelligence, it doesn’t coexist with Mind. Spiritual knowledge is what we want and it is gained through spiritual sense. There will be turbulences as the evidence of spiritual sense conflicts with the testimony of physical sense, but the storms will roll away and reveal peace. The supremacy of Spirit entitles us to antidote the chaotic existence of relativity with Truth and Love.”—from science & religion to God

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Radio interview

Click here for radio interview about Christian Science today.

Bonnie Lykes interviewed Cheryl Petersen in New York. Cheryl talks about revising Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health.

Cheryl also reads a chapter from the book she is currently writing about her life.

Listen to radio interview over internet

On August 9, 2016, Bonnie Lykes-Bigler interviewed Cheryl Petersen about her revisions of Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health, on WIOX Roxbury radio.

To listen to a recording, click here and scroll down to the streaming box with Cheryl’s photo before clicking Play.


covers both 21st and from S&R to God

Cheryl talks with WIOX about her books

Our divine relationship

Relationships can be loose or tight. What about our relationship with the divine?

Is it so loose we can’t feel a bond? Or is it so tight it might break?

Human relationships can be touched by suspicion or lead to dependency and I don’t think they have anything to do with the divine relationship with God.

And, our divine relationship is the connection worth deepening and expanding.

The definition of the Divine, or God, as found in Science and Health, reads:

God. The great “I AM;”[1] the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal; Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love; all substance; intelligence.

Bonding with intelligence and Spirit is possible. We can discover a rapport with the all-loving and honest Truth. This relationship with God can’t be broken, can’t get old.

God is never boring.

Our divine relationship comes with vision and interest. God is thought-provoking, more so than the latest app. God is attractive, more so than the latest outfit. God is motivating, more so than caffeine. God is remarkable, more so than the latest technology.

We can internalize the divine relationship with Spirit. It may take some meditation and thoughtful activity, but its worth the effort.


[1] Ex. 3:14

Historical preservation is mental

The only way something of historical significance can be preserved is to take care of the ideas behind the building, object, landscape or artifact. Preservation is more than simply maintaining a physical building or object. The spiritual significance must also be preserved because historical preservation is a mental achievement.

Individuals and municipalities try to retain history by renovating buildings and earmarking them as historical landmarks, however, when I visit these landmarks, there is no preservation of the human actions, feelings and emotions connected to the past. I can only imagine what the past was like.

Most buildings and objects of the past are gone or fake. Buildings burnt down or were torn down because all physical objects come to an end. And when a historical landmark is retained and looks like the original found in old pictures, new material was used to restore it.

Humanity does have a wealth of historical significance. We can learn from our past. I hope to learn from the past so as not to participate in the demise of historical significances. But, it requires us to stop trying to preserve a physical unit. It requires us to re-discover the ideas of significance and again express them newly. Historical preservation is a mental action first and foremost, therefore significant history can be preserved because it isn’t reliant on the ever evolving/devolving physical matter.

Quoting from science & religion to God

“Don’t discount the spiritual idea in order to preserve beloved rituals and past successes. And don’t abuse a truth to infuriate another person.

“Throughout history and in a multitude of cultures we find it is Mind that saves. Only when we depart from the true idea, does demoralization seep in and distract us away from divine Mind.

“Miracles can happen anywhere and at any time, because Mind is ever-present. Miracles are natural.

“Spirit is fully capable of making the body harmonious.”

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