21st Century Science and Health is a reboot of Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health. The textbook talks about the healing law of God, as spirit and love. In print and Kindle.

A briefer, modern version of Eddy’s Science and Health is found in the book, from science & religion to God. In print, Kindle, and audio.

A historical fiction, The Second Husband. Daniel Patterson escaped prison during the American Civil War and returns to his twenty-year marriage to the woman who became spiritual leader, Mary Baker Eddy.

A Study Guide to Christian Science is a thin book with twenty-three exercises focused on the Bible and questions found in the chapter, Review, from 21st Century Science and Health. Print.

A memoir, I Am My Father-Mother’s Daughter. is a fun read, about Cheryl Petersen growing up and working on the farm as a girl, learning to say no, and finding a bigger family, in Spirit, with confidence and empathy. Print, Kindle, and audio.

A children’s illustrated book and true story about the one Parent (God) who loves us all, A Foster Child Comes to Stay with Josie and Brooke. Print.

The short book, Raising Children Without Church: Finding God in Everyday Activities, doesn’t deter one from church but shows church as adaptable to today’s social circumstances. Print, Kindle, and audio.

A quick read for those interested in the history and influence as to why Eddy revised her Science and Health continuously until her death, Pondering a Contemporary Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Print.

Zen Dogs and Other Woofs contains short, good-feel articles. Print.

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