A Healing Policy

Generally when I think of policy, I think of government or business.

-American foreign policy

-A company’s personnel policy

-Church policy

But, I’ve been contemplating the possibility of healing policy. Can a prudent course of action be established as policy to ensure healing?

This query was triggered by an idea from Science and Health, in which the question is posed,Do Christian Scientists have any religious policy or creed?” The answer, “They do not, if by that term is meant doctrinal beliefs.” The answer was clarified by listing 6 theological points that students of Christian Science observe.

Healing is thought of differently by different people therefore there are many practices of healing. From a biological point of view, healing is performed due to material atoms. From a sociological view, healing involves the human being, mind/body/spirit. A theological view of healing deserves closer attention.

Theology encounters a unique view of healing based on/in spiritual truth. Theology allows the mind to give evidence of healing according to a spiritual truth.

For example, I utilize the spiritual truth that substance is Spirit. Healthy Spirit. Consequently, I expect healing because I, as a spiritual being, reflect health.

However, there are many times during the day when I pick up on rampant human emotions and beliefs that make me feel like a human being, which can get sick or sad, therefore I make policies. I design a course of prudent action that advances healing.

-Attune my mind to divine Mind, full of wisdom and honesty

-Stop repeating habits that worked ten years, or ten minutes ago, and open my mind to today, now

-Realize the trends of society so as to be able to relate spirituality outward, otherwise I become isolated, which can fool me into believing I am distinguished

-Don’t be bamboozled by the old-guard or people who make policy based on preconceptions steeped in bias

-Regroup my understanding of God, a term that has repeatedly had the meaning washed out it over the millenniums

-Fill my mind with spiritual truths, not to be confused with my own delightful opinions

-Be willing to practice what I preach


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5 thoughts on “A Healing Policy

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