What about church?

Christian Science is a term used in the 19th century by Mary Baker Eddy. She explains her philosophy in her textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Eddy also later started a church to advance the study of Christian Science.

As a definition, Christian Science defines the law of God interpreting harmony to the universe. As a religion, Christian Science identifies a system of Mind-healing, with God as divine Mind. As a practice, Christian Science reveals the power of spiritual rules.

However, during the 20th century, the term Christian Science was re-ordered and re-defined. Admirers and critics of Christian Science alike prioritized human rules over spiritual rules, religious organization over Christ, and possessiveness over sharing.

Common human habits not uncommon to humanity.

But we learn from mistakes. God is found everywhere, not only in religious organization. Spiritual rules show supreme power because human rules inevitably prove impossible to follow. The Holy Spirit infuses humanity healingly, beautifully, universally,  and where it’s least expected.

More and more people see the healing impact of spiritual principles over religious rules. More and more people know God is everywhere, blessing us impartially. More and more people radiate forward the Holy Spirit.

The following links are blogs I’ve written to clarify further the difference between Christian Science and church rules.

Realizing Mary Baker Eddy’s weary hope

Response to church leaders

A nuance of Mary Baker Eddy

Religion and legend poke Christian Science

Signs of renewal in maligned religion

Introduction to 21st Century Science and Health

Dear readers

Unsnarling religion

150th anniversary of Science and Health’s first edition

Christian Science Bible Lessons  (small groups of people are meeting to read these lessons)

Other interesting blogs are printed in a booklet, Pondering a Revision of Science and Health. Click for link to Amazon.


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      The Ark Edition because it is challenging to locate an original copy

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