What about church?

November 2021

The concept of church evolves. Or devolves.

Fifteen years ago, I found myself ingrained in “loyalty to the church team” rather than faithfulness to God’s law, and, I went through at terrible mental battle before withdrawing my membership from The Church of Christ, Scientist.

It was a tough row to hoe, but I felt released from being held hostage to history.

Don’t get me wrong, I like and learn from history, but to believe and act as though, yesterday’s church rules and rituals should be today’s, comes with the risk of ignoring moral laws.

I applaud church leaders today who admit their mistakes, confess to exploiting innocence, and make amends. It’s so much better than pretending the mistakes and abuses didn’t happen or can be excused. To honestly purify action and thought, is to leave history behind and have a future.

So what about church, today?

I still go to church. November 14, I attended First Church of Christ, Scientist in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But I also attend diverse churches, a synagogue, and a place or worship for Muslims. And find the same equal love for everyone.

I attend services with a healthy skepticism and leave with a topic of interest to dig into and understand better. I still cling to one God, the Christ image and likeness as ours, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus the Christ is the standard to live up to, though not simple sometimes, but because so many other people touch Christ’s standard, I don’t feel alone and keep working at it.

The following links further clarify the difference between God’s rules and church rules.

A Formal Apology from an Informal Christian Scientist

Introduction to 21st Century Science and Health

Signs of renewal in maligned religion

150th anniversary of Science and Health’s first edition

Christian Science Bible Lessons  (for individual study and small groups)

Click Pondering a Revision of Science and Health for more information.


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    • Paul August 28, 2015 at 10:19 pm Reply

      The Ark Edition because it is challenging to locate an original copy

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