Brick walls

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel like I run up against brick walls. PHAP. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I can even do something, if I did know what to do.

It’s not a bad place to be when I realize it is the opportunity to return to the now, to know God NOW.

Brick walls seem to come about when my mind is in the future, when I’m really busy aiming for some future goal. Say a trip. A trip that will bring me closer to a job that will help me in my career.

Another “future” issue that can get stuck in the head is an avoidance of death. We do everything possible to keep our life pattern today the same. But, death isn’t what we make it out to be. Death isn’t the stoppage of life, but the end of false beliefs, fears, and desires.

The desire to push for advancement in my career is not that good. It can actually keep me from doing the job I need to do today. Advancement will come, it’s the law of God, but it comes by God, a good Spirit.

The brick walls fall when I, this is funny, when I go back into the past and recall truthful convictions, finished embraces. I remember a time when I was alone and couldn’t get up my driveway, after a long day of work, because of eight inches of new fallen snow. I have a long driveway. A truck pulled up behind me and it was our neighbor, who never comes home at that time. He said, “Cheryl, I felt like I needed to come home right now. I even drove my bosses truck. It has a lift in the back and I will go get our snowblower and come back and clear your driveway.”

I wonder, Are there really brick walls? Or, opportunities to see more of our infinite God, Love?


Valuable percpetions

Our perceptions affect our thoughts and actions.

How do we tell the difference between material perceptions and spiritual perceptions?

Then, how do we value spiritual perceptions?

I came up with a few examples:

A material perception of the weather is a “nice, sunny day.” A spiritual perception is “symbols of movement and life.”

A material perception of my cat is “shedding hair.” A spiritual perception is “radiating calm and relaxed.”

A material perception of my job is “writing newspaper articles and editing words.” A spiritual perception is “expressing honesty and insight.

To value the spiritual perceptions, I acknowledge them first, then take the attributes of movement, life, calmness, honesty, and insight and see them when cleaning the house and cooking dinner and running errands.

Article in Beacon Hill Times

Link to Click: Beacon Hill Times

Past and present thoughts

“Heredity is a breakable string of past and present thoughts.” —from science & religion to God

When reading that statement, I got a bit of a jolt the other day. I could see how what my parent’s thought wasn’t necessarily what I thought, so heredity isn’t all-encompassing. However, the jolt came from me realizing that I’ve been unconsciously attaching myself to past thoughts through history.

I love history. Read and write about history all the time. I caught myself identifying with thoughts from the past.

I’m certainly not going to continue respecting and learning history. It is a tool to understanding, however, I can see my opportunity not to attach myself to thoughts not from God, divine Mind. Sorry for the double negative. But, I can see my opportunity to detach from human thoughts from the past.

This isn’t a loss, but a gain. It opens wide the door of opportunity to acknowledge my unbreakable connection to divine thoughts from Mind, Love.


Spirit speaks

I have two cats, Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin is really a girl, but I get all cats spayed and it was easier to remember their names by using Calvin and Hobbes, names from an old-time favorite comic.

My cats have never spoken a word to me. They meow. Or look at me.

I can tell when they tell me they want food. I can tell when they tell me to think better.

I try to follow Calvin and Hobbes’ instructions, while all their communication goes on without one human word being said.

They make me feel loved. The cats make me feel better on days when I feel glum.

Whatever the power is, I call it divine spirit, it is real and independent of words.

Matt. 28:19

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”



The disciples role in the resurrection

On Easter, a few of us got together to discuss the resurrection. We read out loud a Bible Lesson then threw around some ideas on how our thoughts today could transform from death to life.

Looking to Christ Jesus as a signature example, we sensed that Jesus looked past the temporal to the eternal. Like looking past the sinner to the sin, to replace the sin with goodness, thereby manifesting a less sinning person.

J.C. said, “We have to remember that the human mind is plastic, even when it gets stuck in a temporal attitude that makes problems, it still can change or resurrect.”

H.S. said, “I remind myself to look past the human emotions and behaviors in others and see Christ which is our spirituality.”

D.P. said, “It occurred to me that Christ Jesus proved our spirituality can’t be killed. But I also realized that the disciples played a role. The followers who admitted Jesus’ spirituality was ever alive helped in the resurrection. They saw the spirit that lives forever and it strengthened them.”

Christ Jesus’ resurrection can also be our resurrection. We can see the spirit in all.

Quoting from science & religion to God:

“Resurrection. Spiritualization of thought; a new and higher idea of immortality or spiritual existence; material belief yielding to spiritual understanding.”






Intact spiritual senses

Excerpt “from science & religion to God”:

“The brain, nerves, hormones, and stomach can’t talk on their own. They act because of mind. Sensations of the body are sensations of the human mind. Through Truth you discover your ability to embrace your body and outline it with thoughts of health.

Let us prepare for the supremacy of Spirit—the government and law of universal harmony, which cannot be lost or remain forever unseen.

All the faculties of Mind are intact. No matter where we are, we can use our spiritual senses to commune with God and be governed by Love.

To be controlled by divine Mind is not to be controlled by hypnotism, human cultures, theories, crime, drugs, or fantasies. We learn to utilize spiritual sense—the constant conscious capacity to understand the all-acting infinite Spirit.”

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