Vital Behavior in Mind Healing

Prompted by the book, Influencer: The Power To Change Anything, I searched for a vital behavior that is a driving force behind my healing experiences.

Vital behavior: I interpret.

Interpret is a verb. To interpret is to bring out the meaning of the Word of God by performance or execution. (

The Bible is bursting with Mind-healing.

To assume the Bible can be read as though it is literal truth, or God’s exact Word, is mistaken. Every word in that book of books is interpretation. Furthermore, readers of the Bible are interpreting the interpretation.

When I had second degree burns on half of my face, I recalled the Bible story of Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego who were unhurt after being thrown in a fire from the book of Daniel.

I didn’t assume, “Those guys were lucky. God really had their backs.” I interpreted it practically, through 21st century knowledge and through my current situation. I performed my interpretation which basically amounted to: If those guys can do it, I too can come out of a fire unharmed.

My face healed by the grace of God.

I also read statements from Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health, a book with an interpretation of Mind healing strategies. But, I did not go along with other peoples interpretations of Science and Health, for the sheer fact they were only their interpretation of Eddy’s interpretation.

Everything we read, see, feel, remember, is only an interpretation. Likewise, everything other people read, see, feel, or remember is only an interpretation. Not truth in and of itself.

Truth heals. We have to interpret spiritual truth and love for ourselves. When we do so with honesty, pluck, grace, and all those good things, the result is amazing.

Vital behavior: Interpret with God


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2 thoughts on “Vital Behavior in Mind Healing

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