Working within the force of divine Mind successfully

What we call gravity is a force. More specifically, it’s a force of attraction between all things in the universe, especially the attraction of the earth to bodies near its surface.

What I call God is a force. More specifically, it’s a force connecting all that is good (vitality, joy, wellbeing, and so on), especially connecting God to us.


Because we aren’t as limited as we believe, humankind has figured out how to work within the force of gravity to fly.

Because we aren’t as mortal as we believe, humankind has figured out how to work within the force of God to live a more useful immortal life.


Working within gravity requires know-how of engines, wings, energy, and fuel.

Working within God requires know-how of life, truth, love, principle, spirit, and mind.


If we fail to work properly within gravity, and run out of fuel for example, we stop flying and return to the ground.

If we fail to work properly within God, and stop expressing spiritual goodness for example, we return to a restricted position.


Just as flight engineers have a physical science to work with, we have divine Science to discover how to more so and greater be unlimited by mortality.

Intelligence, reason, and intuition are utilized to get us off the ground of mortality. God’s force exists. We don’t need to create or attract it. God is life eternal, full of health and goodness. We can experience more and more of this force by working our spirituality.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “His disciples believed Jesus was dead. Hidden in the narrow tomb however, Jesus was alive, demonstrating the power of Spirit to overrule materialist perceptions. Rock-solid walls surrounded him, and a dense immense stone had to be rolled from the cave’s mouth. Jesus reduced every concrete belief to nothing. He resisted every law of physics and stepped out of his gloomy resting-place crowned with the glory of an awe-inspiring success—an everlasting victory.

“The special characteristic of spiritually intuitive mind-reading is not clairvoyance, but is important to success in healing.

“Your morals confirm your healing ability and fitness to teach. You should practice skillfully the good you know, and you will then advance to the extent of your honesty and fidelity—qualities which assure success in this Science.”


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