Sensitive to God

Post written by Richard Fischer:

A friend of mine once said to me, “Did I ever tell you that I was allergic to eggs?” I said, “No, you never had.”

“Well, if I were to eat an egg, you better get me to the hospital within a few minutes or it’s curtains for me.”

I thought, “Wow, no birthday cake for you this year.”

This friend and I were in the military together and a few months later we had to go on maneuvers. It was a long drive to our destination.

I knew it was going to be an all-nighter, so I made my famous Bologna sandwiches. The recipe calls for 8 hard-boiled eggs, sweet pickles and onions mix. I made sandwiches out of the whole loaf of bread. We headed out at noon and by midnight we were stuck at the top of a mountain pass.

Unfortunately, the roads were bad and the vehicles had some accidents. We were putting on chains and trying to get started again. I was really busy when the friend asked me, “Hey Gunny, you got anything to eat?”

Focused on my work, I managed to say, “Yea, there’s some sandwiches in the truck.”

A while later he came again and asked for another sandwich. I was pretty busy with the State Patrol and getting chains on our trucks, and so I turned to him and said, “Eat whatever, I have things to do.”

As we got moving, I went to grab a sandwich. Low and behold, my friend ate about 6 sandwiches. I thought, “What a pig, he ate most of my sandwiches.” A few minutes later I thought, “Holy Crap, he ate all those eggs.”

I stopped the convoy in order to check up on my friend. He looked great, and he asked me if I had any more of the sandwiches, and I informed him that he already ate 2/3rd of the grub, that was enough.

We continued on to our destination, arriving 5 hours late. My friend asked me what was in the sandwich. I answered, “I don’t know, my wife made them, I’ll get the recipe when we get back home.”

30 days later I gave him the recipe.  He insisted if this were true that he’d have been dead.  A few months later he came to me and said, “You know Gunny, I told my doctor what had happened, and he said that those sandwiches would have killed me.”

I replied, “Believe what you want, but I’m the one who made those sandwiches. I didn’t tell you they had eggs because it was way too late.  If I told you that you had eggs, you would have made yourself sick. Believe what you want. If you want to be allergic to eggs, by golly be allergic.”

Is his allergy a fact? Is it truth? Or an Illusion? How we love to cling to our sickly beliefs.

That experience taught me a lot about fact, fiction, and illusion. Evidence is piling up that we can learn the facts of God and the fact of a health created and sustained by God. We weren’t created hypersensitive or susceptible to being adversely affected by stuff. We can be sensitive to God, Life everlasting and at peace.


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