Not many of us like to be sick. Humanity is plagued with sickness of some sort or fashion due to the connection between human beings and mortality. So, in our efforts to heal, do we try to get rid of sickness or do we get rid of human mind?

Christ Jesus healed sickness and he constantly directed human beings to God. What can we learn from this? We read in I Corinthians, “We have the mind of Christ.” What is this Mind?

Along with some other belief systems, Christian Science reiterates God as the only Mind. In our efforts to understand divine Mind we need to be honest and reasonable. Sometime we are not as spiritual as we claim therefore we make either too much of sickness, or too little.

When it comes to sickness, we must be wise. We can’t ignore it and it is best not to expect sickness. Here is a list of points that make it easier to heal sickness spiritually:

  • It is a mistake to believe God created sickness. God only created health and holiness.
  • Sickness is a condition of the human mind. The appearance of a biological sickness is morphing as we speak. Divine Mind removes the image of sickness from human mind.
  • The goal of healing is not to extend mortality or prove yourself superior. Healing is a humble divine task that glorifies God, Love, Life.
  • Metaphysical healing is possible to anyone. Even an atheist can be healed through prayer if their morals are generally sound. God loves everyone.
  • Healing the sick is only a prelude to the greater mission of wiping out sin, or in other words, is the prelude to ever-manifestation of light, beauty, God.

We read in 21st Century Science and Health, “We can have but one Mind, if that one is infinite. We bury the perception of infinitude, when we admit that, although God is infinite, [sickness] has a place in this infinity, for evil can have no place where all presence is God.”



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  1. […] When applying the spiritual rules as outlined in the Bible and Science and Health, I’ve experienced profound physical and emotional healing. But, I’m careful not to mechanically connect Christian Science to a church, a dogma, or a human way of life. The propaganda surrounding Christian Science, or any religion for that matter, needs to be dismissed, in order to embrace the inspiration that correctly interprets its spiritual rules. […]

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