A Christian Scientist versus Christian Science

Are you a Christian Scientist?

When I am asked that question, more often than not, I answer, “I study Christian Science.” A Christian Scientist is not the same as Christian Science. They are as different as a computer programmer and programming. One is a title while the other is an activity. A Christian Scientist is a person who may or may not digress into a conventional lifestyle or culture. Classic Christian Science is a system of divine Mind-healing that can be applied to everyday life.

Rather than observe detached traditions, I study Christian Science as defined by Mary Baker Eddy in the 19th century in her book Rudimental Divine Science, “The law of God, the law of good, interpreting and demonstrating the divine Principle and rule of universal harmony.” There is no mystery to Christian or divine Science. It circulates quietly in consciousness in every corner of the world, interpreting itself in languages and forms understood by people in all walks of life.

Back in the day, while taking a scientific approach, Mary Baker Eddy studied the power of mind and its ability to heal. Her research was quick to reveal an inconsistency within human minds. Eddy then pushed the boundaries of research past the human mind and discovered an active healing force, greater than any human mind. She dubbed it divine Mind.

Working within the framework of her Christian upbringing, Eddy theorized this healing divine Mind was God. Moreover, the prophets and Christ Jesus healed through the power of God, Mind. Eddy developed the theory and discovered spiritual rules, that when followed, would result in spiritual healing. She wrote a book, outlining Christian Science, titled Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Although years later, Eddy established a religious organization, Christian Science is still autonomous. The healing power of God is unaffected by human beings and/or religious organizations.

When applying the spiritual rules as outlined in the Bible and Science and Health, I’ve experienced profound physical and emotional healing. But, I’m careful not to mechanically connect Christian Science to a church, a dogma, or a human way of life. The propaganda surrounding Christian Science, or any religion for that matter, needs to be dismissed, in order to embrace the inspiration that correctly interprets its spiritual rules.

The study of Christian Science has been interesting and effective. Revisions of the Bible and Science and Health allow the study of Mind-healing to express their full voice.  However, the spirit of Mind-healing  is detected in places where people are unfamiliar with the Bible and Science and Health, because the law of God is not locked into words, churches, Christian Scientists, or time and space.



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