Mental Terrain and Climate

The earth’s terrain and climates vary tremendously. When driving my motorcycle across the United States five years ago, I watched the unfoldment of a contiguous wasteland, mountains, high desert, and woods. Driving Highway 2 in a rain suit, I was protected somewhat from the high winds, cold, and rain. When the sunshine came out, the rain suit came off. Needless to say, the adventure left an impression on me, mixed with amazement and humility.

The terrain of the earth’s landscape depicts the terrain of human minds. Due to our varied backgrounds and experiences, we each have very different needs. When searching for what we need, we can find exactly what we need, not what someone else needs. If I live in the desert, I don’t need to acquire a rain suit. There are other things more needful.

When searching for spirituality, we can be assured that spirituality is fitted for our particular situation. We can discover the spirit that best fits our need.

Our spiritual practices will be unique to our mental terrain and climate. I believe, that as I pursue love and truth, the Holy Spirit will meet my human need.


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