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The power of the economy

I interviewed a gentleman who started a log home business in 1971. Frank said he began with 4 designs, a 1-bedroom, a 2-bedroom, a 3-bedroom, and a chalet. The log home business now offers 50 models plus custom designs.

Frank is married and has 3 children. They all live near one another and work together.

Frank’s business has seen monstrous flux. “We all suffer the economy,” he said. “During our peak year, we sold 240 homes. During the low year it was 30 homes.”

As Frank continued telling his story, his peaceful facial expression radiated the adage that our circumstances do not make us who we are.

“I have no regrets. I love the Catskills and my work,” said Frank.

The ups and downs of the economy have less power than love.


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