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Cultural Challenge Faced with Dignity

I finished reading Fraternity by Diane Brady. Dynamite read. The early 1970’s situation at Holy Cross College in Massachussetts proved that a difficult transition can be overcome with grace, aplomb, and wisdom.

It was one thing to become aware of the issue of racism, quite another thing to do something about it. Father Brooks helped recruit black men to attend the institution, and forced himself to be open minded to their needs. Father Brooks was aware that an isolated group of people does not qualify them as distinguished.

The black men had to tell the administration that the school curriculum was not pertinent. New classes such as black history were added. When the administration was confronted with the fact that the college spirit/fight song was offensive, they were taken aback. “But the song is tradition,” they argued. However, the racist lyric was eventually replaced.

There is no satisfaction in maintaining a status quo that marginalizes any class of humanity. The transition was a hairy scary time but no one was physically hurt, there was no looting. The college went on to accept women.

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