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More Hair, Different Daughter: Parenting II

Our two daughters are so different they are alike. The youngest appears to be more sensitive and can break down crying at the smallest injustice. The oldest daughter shows little emotion.

At first, I figured the youngest daughter was over-sensitive and the oldest daughter was under-sensitive. At times it would drive me nuts. Other times, I’d laugh and wonder why the sensitivity genes couldn’t have been better allocated. But then, genes are not destiny, and I look at this anomaly as a time when the lesson was driven home that I can’t judge by appearances. Here is one instance.

When the youngest daughter was about six years old, I noticed her hair was thin on one side of her head. Upon investigation I noticed a large patch of tough whitish skin, so tough it disallowed hair follicle function.

I almost broke down and cried.

To get my act together, I made some time to pray, to acknowledge and honor a Provider (God) of conditions that nurture proper happy growth. With my consciousness turned to this light, a twisted dark thought was revealed.

There were times when I had wished our younger daughter would toughen up, in other words, stop breaking down and crying so easily. I was aghast, remembering the adage, watch what you wish or pray for because you just might get it.

It was nonsensical, and self-sabotaging, to wish for an effect without understanding the cause. Therefore, I went to the Cause. In meditation, I considered God, Love, substance as the only Cause and effect. God is not insensitive, but is sensitive or responsive to empathy and poise.

I consciously practiced being receptive or responsive to empathy and poise. An awareness of mindful peace penetrated the milieu. I tried not to wise for things I didn’t understand. I wished for and desired spiritual empathy and poise. I guess I wouldn’t say I was surprised, but I was humbly thankful when the next week I noticed our daughters scalp was normal, with supple skin and new hair.


“Prayer is desire, and no loss can occur from trusting God with our desires, that they may be clarified and formed before they are expressed in words and action.”—Science and Health

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