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Mental Detox

Divine Science teaches that toxins are not only in the air, but also in the mental environment.

Please check out my Mental Detox article on Beliefnet. Click the Like and email it to a friend! We can keep the mental environment clean together.

The Baby in the Motel Room

I could tell the voice on the other end of the phone was borderline illiterate, but her sincerity spoke volumes of knowledge. The phone caller haltingly explained she searched in the phone book for someone to call to help her. She found my number under the heading of Christian Science Practitioner, and asked, “Am I the…” however she couldn’t sound out or articulate the word, practitioner.

I answered, “Yes.”

I could hear a baby crying in the background. I asked, How can I help?

“I am watching my friend’s baby and the baby won’t quit crying,” she exclaimed.

“Where are you?” I enquired. After she gave me directions, I realized I could get to her in about 12 minutes and asked her if she’d like me to come.

“Yes,” she replied.

The location was a motel in the seedy part of town. I walked through loud noise, bars, smells, litter.  I heard the crying baby and found the room number. I knocked on the door and a frightened cautious woman answered and let me in. I went to pick up the baby and held him in my arms, praying. There was no condemnation. No probing as to how the woman treated the baby. No wondering how it was to live in a motel room. No urge to try to educate. Fact was, the child was not ours and the mother was to return soon and we wanted the mother to come home to a happy baby.

The woman and I did not talk. I could feel a timid spiritual strength peeking out from under a history of misfortunes. We were two women who knew it was very important to work together for the child’s peace. The spiritual strength grew and a powerful love filled the room.

The baby quieted down within 10 minutes. His body relaxed. I changed his diaper and talked to him gently. He let me hold him until his mother came home. I went back to my office. The need was met. There was no temptation to push for more.


Pioneer a Healthy Consciousness

The word pioneer has the same Latin root as peon. During the 16th through the 19th century, pioneer was a military term referring to low-status pioneers who labored to clear paths, build roads, and dig trenches. In America, it wasn’t until the 19th century when the word pioneer was applied to the land-clearing settlers as they transformed the width of the Continent into settled territory.

Paradoxically, pioneers entered land that was already settled by Native Americans. What was discovered was already discovered, just in a different form, no longer attractive to the majority of the population. It is therefore no surprise that pioneers follow pioneers to reestablish the spirit of discovery and universality—an ability to include a greater magnitude of thinkers and doers in an infinite plan.

Oftentimes, other people can be suspicious of pioneers who throw off the restraints of tradition, and the old-guard will protect themselves from the pioneer’s discoveries, even classifying the new as religious quackery. But, that which doesn’t change and develop becomes obsolete. However, the old-way is inadequate and petty as new spiritual solutions are developed. Amazingly, pioneers do not demand a radical conversion and rejection of the familiar rites but provide a fresh and inclusive outlook with a sense of a wider world.

We can pioneer a peaceful consciousness, a strong family, or a healthy work place.

Let the pioneer spirit flow freely.

It’s Time to Give Food a Break!

Okay, I want to add one more blog to my Food and Eating Series, because somebody has to stick up for food, especially with the Christmas and New Years festivities looming.

It’s time to give food a break!

Food is abused, craved, blamed, idolized, hated, obsessed over, and wasted. Why not simply appreciate food for what it is, and isn’t. Like appreciating ourselves, and others, for our spiritual qualities instead of material qualities.

What food is: 1) a nutriment for our bodies. 2) a symbol of humanity’s equality, we all eat, we all poop…

What food isn’t: 1) the source of our problems. 2) a comforter…

Have anything to add to these lists?


“Normal control is gained through divine strength and understanding.”–21st Century Science and Health

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