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Lessons from a Garden

Last night, our region experienced a horrendous thunder/lightning storm. It poured rain, much to the glee of the thirsty ground and vegetation. After getting up this morning, the timing felt right to finish up the garden I started a few weeks ago.

???????????????????????????????I built a raised bed with the rocks we have so plentifully here in upstate New York. Then, at nine o’clock this morning, I asked our neighbor for some dirt mixed with manure. He scooped and dumped two loads of this high-in-demand commodity, dirt, into the back of our truck and I drove home to shovel it into the garden bed.

Our neighbor’s wife offered to give me some perennial plants. I took her up on the generous offer. She has a lovely and prolific garden and so always has plenty to share. By noon, I was done. While eating lunch, thunder began to roar and another lightning storm moved through our area, watering all the plants I transplanted.



???????????????????????????????I think about the fact that we are not trained to believe plants have feelings, yet. So, transplanting vegetation is simple. But, I push the issue. I ponder the spiritual truth that all physical bodies lack permanent feelings.

So, can I turn to feel divine Spirit, the presence of Love, instead of what the nerves are telling me? Can I be transplanted simply from one place to the next and learn to thrive?

From 21st Century Science and Health, “Divine Science defines the sensory and motor systems as human beliefs or inventions. If we were humanly programmed to believe it, we would believe the veins in a plant could feel stimuli like nerves.

“The pains of the body can be salutary, if they force the mind to dig itself out of false beliefs and transplant its affections in Soul, where the creations of God are good, “giving joy to the heart.”[1]

[1] Ps. 19:8

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