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Pioneer a Healthy Consciousness

The word pioneer has the same Latin root as peon. During the 16th through the 19th century, pioneer was a military term referring to low-status pioneers who labored to clear paths, build roads, and dig trenches. In America, it wasn’t until the 19th century when the word pioneer was applied to the land-clearing settlers as they transformed the width of the Continent into settled territory.

Paradoxically, pioneers entered land that was already settled by Native Americans. What was discovered was already discovered, just in a different form, no longer attractive to the majority of the population. It is therefore no surprise that pioneers follow pioneers to reestablish the spirit of discovery and universality—an ability to include a greater magnitude of thinkers and doers in an infinite plan.

Oftentimes, other people can be suspicious of pioneers who throw off the restraints of tradition, and the old-guard will protect themselves from the pioneer’s discoveries, even classifying the new as religious quackery. But, that which doesn’t change and develop becomes obsolete. However, the old-way is inadequate and petty as new spiritual solutions are developed. Amazingly, pioneers do not demand a radical conversion and rejection of the familiar rites but provide a fresh and inclusive outlook with a sense of a wider world.

We can pioneer a peaceful consciousness, a strong family, or a healthy work place.

Let the pioneer spirit flow freely.


Reason and Spiritual Revelation

Divine Science is a metaphysical system of spiritual healing, the concurrence of reason and revelation. Logical reasoning supersedes the reactions of emotions and superstitions. Revelation interplays by releasing the human reasoning from sense and flux and advancing consciousness to a level of reality connected to ongoing wellbeing, both mental and physical.

Although language is not equipped to deal with a reality that lay beyond human concepts and reason, concepts and reason are not denied, but used scientifically to prepare the mind to receive a revelation, such as the revelation that health is a state of mind, not matter.

A spiritual revelation is not to be confused with a human revelation. A disclosed tidbit of interesting history, or piece of gossip, is not a spiritual revelation, but human knowledge remembered.

A spiritual revelation stays connected to reason. For example, the paradigm shift that causes us to seek health in consciousness, rather than in matter, is effective only as decisions are based on common sense. We will be savvy. Savvy, as to proper food and exercise, has a presence. Even the ascetic 4th century monk, St. Onuphrius, who lived on one date and spring water every day, for 70 years, used common sense. He wasn’t out digging ditches during the day.

The consciousness of harmony is reached as reason and revelation agree.

Joining the Force of Spiritual Consciousness

The study of mind makes headlines, however, the preoccupation with biological surface activity predominates and matter is given precedence over mind, or the human mind is given precedence over the divine Mind.

But we can join forces with thinkers throughout history who have discovered conclusive evidence of a spiritual consciousness that can positively affect mind and body.

In 1946, T. Brosse wrote in A Psychophysiological Study: Main Currents in Modern Thought, “Thus [concludes the French scientist, who had gone to India especially to study and verify the yogi control of these processes] we find these yogis are masters over diverse activities. Knowing nothing about the structure of their organs, they are however the incontestable masters of appropriate functions, moreover, they enjoy a magnificent state of health.”

In the 19th century, Mary Baker Eddy wrote this idea in her book, Science and Health, “Divine Science brings to the body the sunlight of Truth, which invigorates and purifies. Christian Science acts as a medicinal, neutralizing error with Truth. It balances the chemical reactions, expels abnormal body fluids, dissolves humors, rehabilitates degenerated or injured muscles, and restores bones to wellness. The effect of this Science is to adapt the human mind to a change of attitude from which it may yield to the peace of divine Mind.”

Streamlining a multilateral vision of inclusivity sheds light on the force of spiritual consciousness.

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