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Visitors from Kennewick, Washington

Grandiose, is how I’d describe our Labor Day weekend. Our daughter, Leah, and her boyfriend, Anthony, came home on Saturday, after wrapping up their Sunt Bums year of attending motorcycle competitions. Once all in the house, we moved some furniture around to make room for them to have a  place to sleep along with room for Carina and Jason, who were our pending Sunday visitors from Kennewick, Washington.
On Sunday, as Carina and Jason were making their way to Grand Central Station to board a train to Beacon, Doug and I drove, under sunshine and blue sky, to the Metro North Train Station in Beacon. We were a bit late because everyone in upstate New York thought the Labor Day Weekend speed limit was 40 mph, but Carina and Jason waited patiently for us.
Once we arrived at Beacon train station, we found Carina and Jason quick enough and hugged. It’s been years see we’ve seen each other last, and yet it felt like we’ve never been apart.
When it comes to Carina and Jason, the virtue of showing no favoritism goes out the window. They are a couple of our favorite people. Fortunately, Carina and Jason’s natures are full of integrity which disallows them from expecting special treatment , so we continue to favor them. They helped Doug and I raise our children. They are hard-workers. They adore pets, especially cats. We can all get laughing until our sides pop. And, we have a bond of ever-growing faith in goodness. Our conversations, based on a faith in a loving God, run strong and searching.
Faith goes blind, or it is controlled by other people, when faith isn’t examined and stretched daily. Sharon Salzberg wrote in her book, Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience, “For faith to be alive and to deepen we need to use our power to inquire, to wonder, to explore our experience to see what is true for ourselves. This requires us to approach life with an inquisitive, eager, self-confident capacity to probe and question.” Carina and Jason allow us to enquire and discover.
Oh, we didn’t only talk. We showed Carina and Jason the terrain of upstate New York, which includes trees, red barns, white houses, and cemeteries (there are not so many burial grounds in Washington). We visited an ice-cream shop (in a renovated barn, of course) and ran into more favorite people, Annie and Liz. Back home, Leah baked us homemade pizza topped with garden vegetables and fresh mozzarella cheese for dinner, and a hearty breakfast of locally grown yellow potatoes and vegetables, along side black-eyed peas for breakfast. Carina and Jason are now back in NYC, taking in the sights there.

Garden pizza


Spirituality strengthened & renewed

Generally, strength is juxtaposed with muscles, and renewal is considered to be the aftermath of a disaster or illness, however, in Delhi, NY, a group of thinkers came together last Sunday to strengthen and renew that which already is strong and new, our spirituality.

Everyone collaborated, not to fight against the mortal human identities, but to fight on the side of truth, the truth that our spirituality is manifest on earth, here and now.

We laughed at the common reactive habit of classifying people as human beings with job status and drama. And, we smiled as we claimed our right to reverse that process and know, and identify ourselves with, spiritual qualities, such as honesty, creativity, generosity, wisdom, and friendliness.

The Science and Health open book portion of the workshop brought to our attention that with all due respect to the humaneness on earth, spirituality and its expression of health and holiness are ours to understand and experience more each day.

There was a brief meditation, further familiarizing ourselves with the fact our lives and work can continue to come into sync with a spiritual God and a good work, an idea read in Science and Health.


Cold Cereal holds a marriage together

Last night at dinner, Doug pointed out that I am a fabulous cook, cooking for all the people at the Children’s Center.

So why does he have to eat cold cereal to survive?

Doug’s staple food

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