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Audio 21st Century Science and Health

Sammy in Seattle

Recently, a Liz emailed me and asked if I had an audio version of 21st Century Science and Health. I went into my computers archives and found multiple files of an audio version of the first edition of Science and Health. But, I didn’t know what to do with the files.

My son-in-law, after returning home to Seattle from their France trip, clicked, searched, converted, clicked, uploaded, and poof, resurrected the audio version as a whole. I emailed the link to Liz and she responded by telling me they work nicely.

I then began my travels home to upstate New York after saying goodbye to Hamish and Sammy. Nine hours later, I walked out of the plane into seven degree weather and snow on the ground. Yep, I’m home!

If you are interested in purchasing an audio version of 21st Century Science and Health, let me know. The cost is $20 and can be paid through PayPal. Email me: 4CherylWrites(at)gmail.com




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