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Perfect the Ability to Access Spiritual Healing

In the face of the hard cold fact that nothing in this human reality is perfect, society struggles for perfection. The call for greener cleaners, more efficient vehicles, better attitudes, and a healing religion reverberates around the earth demanding attention. For example, for millennia spiritual healing has been a part of religion, however as soon as a religion is assumed to be perfect, abuse and decline take their toll. Therefore, a new and improved standard for religions is set based on realistic thoughts. People can live up to high standards, but we can’t live up to something that doesn’t exist—human perfection.

Although spiritual healing is independent of religion, religion can play a central role in its advancement as long as it stays true to the perfect Principle, God, and isn’t used to attempt to maintain a status-quo. All religions have access to spiritual healing grounded on the powerful understandable God. Divine Science is the study of God, which includes a healing force such as described in the Bible. However, metaphysical rules, in other words, not stereotyped terminology or human theology, are usable and applicable to religious and non-religious people alike.

My practice of spiritual healing is most reliable when I get to know God and rely on my spiritual mindedness instead of rely on what I’ve been trained to think. As I know myself as the spitting image of Love, Truth, Principle, the human self becomes transparent to the wellbeing, strength, and usefulness God is expressing through us.


Reason and Spiritual Revelation

Divine Science is a metaphysical system of spiritual healing, the concurrence of reason and revelation. Logical reasoning supersedes the reactions of emotions and superstitions. Revelation interplays by releasing the human reasoning from sense and flux and advancing consciousness to a level of reality connected to ongoing wellbeing, both mental and physical.

Although language is not equipped to deal with a reality that lay beyond human concepts and reason, concepts and reason are not denied, but used scientifically to prepare the mind to receive a revelation, such as the revelation that health is a state of mind, not matter.

A spiritual revelation is not to be confused with a human revelation. A disclosed tidbit of interesting history, or piece of gossip, is not a spiritual revelation, but human knowledge remembered.

A spiritual revelation stays connected to reason. For example, the paradigm shift that causes us to seek health in consciousness, rather than in matter, is effective only as decisions are based on common sense. We will be savvy. Savvy, as to proper food and exercise, has a presence. Even the ascetic 4th century monk, St. Onuphrius, who lived on one date and spring water every day, for 70 years, used common sense. He wasn’t out digging ditches during the day.

The consciousness of harmony is reached as reason and revelation agree.

Rabbi says God is a Verb

I am reading the book, God is a Verb, by Rabbi David A. Cooper, and was struck when he asked whether or not we are listening to the inner voice that asks, Is this real? Or, what are my priorities in life? Cooper’s thoughts include:

“The nervousness and breathlessness that accompany our constant need for more time have fed an illness of epidemic proportion during the last half of the twentieth century. Not many people yet realize the severity of this affliction. I used to refer to it as the “time demon,” but now the world has become infected with what I call TDS, pronounced “tedious,” which stands for Time Deficiency Syndrome.

“A major symptom of this disease is a distorted sense of priority. Whenever work encroaches upon personal relationships and the relationships take a backseat, this is TDS. Tens of millions of marriages and family relations suffer because so many people have their priorities confused.

“Another symptom is the dependency on the “quick fix.” Pharmaceutical companies have become rich because we seek instant relief for aching bodies and depressed minds. It is far simpler to take a painkiller than to work with the stress causing the disease.

“One of the more important secrets of mystical teaching is hidden in our desire to connect with the Divine…But the urge to be with the Divine is not sufficient.”

Rabbi Cooper proceeded to clarify the need to involve ourselves in activities that heal, that minimize self-destructive activities and re-prioritize our life.

Cooper’s book holds some interesting ideas. Although it seems to go off on tangents every now and then, I’ll keep reading it. In the meantime, my new book is out Marriage: Sink or Swim, click below on the book cover for availability.

Marriage: Sink or Swim, now available

Daring the Human Experience

I watched a movie titled, “The Human Experience,” about 2 brothers who dared themselves to experience life through the eyes of others.

They lived as homeless in NYC for a week. They traveled with surfers who volunteered at an orphanage in Peru when not surfing the waves. And, the brothers, visited AIDS victims and lepers in Africa.

As life expereinces are contrasted, the question, Who am I? diminishes and we ask, Does my life matter? How can I contribute? The answers to these questions foment relationships. And, the relationship with Father-Mother God runs long and wide carrying with it a genuine satisfaction as we unite with the spirituality of others.

We find ourself, by giving of ourself.


Free Download of 4th Edition Chapter from Science and Health

The 4th edition of 21st Century Science and Health is in the works. You can download and check out the chapter titled: Some Misconceptions Debunked by clicking below. Have a great week!

Some Misconceptions Debunked, 4th edition

Hard and Soft Sciences Affected Positively by Divine Science

Discoveries made in the physical “hard” sciences have no doubt changed the way we think about our universe and bodies. We no longer are stuck on a flat earth, but can fly. Discoveries made in the social and behavioral sciences have also changed the way we think, especially about cultures, religions, and even ourselves as a person with relationships. A thoughtful purpose can guide an event instead of events being caused by genes or habits.

In a third realm of sciences, divine Science, has also been found to change the way we think. Divine Science is synonymous with spiritual science or Christian Science or Mind-science. The factor that distinguishes divine Science from the hard or soft sciences is that the human mind surrenders to divine Mind, an infinite universal spiritual Mind. The hard and soft sciences never get out of the fluxing materialist virtual reality whereas divine Science reveals an unchanging reliable spiritual reality.

We read in a textbook of divine Science, Science and Health, “The effect of this Science is to adapt the human mind to an improved attitude from which it may yield to the peace of divine Mind.” For the interrelated human mind and body to yield to divine Mind does not mean we lose our identity or our sense of reality and discovery, but does mean the way we think will change according to a universal reality. As the human mind adjusts to spiritual thoughts, it opens up to clearer discoveries of health, holiness, and harmony.

Divine Science can be studied just as the hard and soft sciences are studied. We can apply principles that were discovered during a long history of empirical research, such as experiencing a less stressful mind and body after forgiving people who piss us off. We can feel divine Mind, Love, at work in our lives, instead of rankle at conniving and conflicting human minds. We can express divine Mind, Soul, on our life journey and find an ability to circumvent obstacles much easier. We can become more and more familiar with divine Spirit and spirituality in others and in ourselves and change the way we think about life and love. We can discover ongoing life and love controlled by intelligence.

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