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Where to draw the line

As a mother of 2 daughters and a past foster mother, I noticed that while raising the children, I had to draw the line. I drew the line when it came to their vocabulary, what clothes they wore, and how late they could stay out. But, the line was drawn at different places for each child.

It almost seemed unfair.

But, when I drew the line too close or too far from what the child could handle appropriately there was a hint of rebellion or weirdness. When I moved the line with artistic mindfulness, things worked out.

Each child was unique. I treated them all the same in that I treated them different.

For example, I could offer all kinds of food to one child and there was never any over eating. But, this was improper with another child who overate. So, I drew the line with myself and offered a healthy amount of food, and that’s all.

This drawing the line method of working with others requires me to look past myself. I can’t do what makes me feel good. I don’t want to enable another to over-do or under-do their potential.

It reminds me of the Letter of Paul to Titus.

Titus was left behind in Crete, signifying that a line was drawn by Paul. Even if Paul wanted Titus to come along with him, Paul somehow knew Titus was to stay behind. Titus was to “set in order the things that are lacking,” in church. Titus went to draw lines himself that would help people discover their best character.

With reference to “liars, evil beast, lazy gluttons,” in the church, Titus was to draw a tight line that would allow them to “be sound in the faith.”

Knowing God as one Mind, I believe I can pray to hear Godlike thoughts that respond to others in the way that is best for everyone. Mind shows us where to draw the line. It might look unfair to the human mind, but to the divine Mind, God is allowing us all to express our full potential in a way we are ready to do so. God knows what we can handle.

I was able to draw the line with the children to keep them safe and balanced. I draw the line in my relationships to ensure they are pure and productive.  I want to draw the line each day to keep me focused on God, rather than the world.

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