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Greenspan’s Comment on World’s Market

I just finished reading Alan Greenspan’s book, The Age of Turbulence. Greenspan is one of those people I am very grateful for, because I was not wired to cogitate the way he does, therefore Greenspan is the more acceptable Chairperson of the Federal Reserve Board.

However, Greenspan did not bore me. Aside from the plethora of dates, stats, and percentages he repeatedly spouted off, I felt his candor, intellect, and respect for humanity.

At one point, Greenspan mentioned that even though the world’s market can get royally messed up there is an “International invisible hand guiding the market.” The market rebounds, human beings move on.

“Spirit blesses, but we cannot “tell where it comes from or where it is going.” (John 3:8) By Spirit the sick are healed, the stressed are comforted, and the sinning are reformed. These are the effects of one universal God, the invisible good dwelling in eternal Science.”–21st Century Science and Health

Understanding the Market

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