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Common Quirky Belief

Why am I told to the way to heaven is to believe Christ Jesus died for my sins? This dogma doesn’t compute; it needs a major overhaul. A serious piece of information is missing. I have no problem with believing in Christ Jesus or that his resurrection proved life eternal. In fact, I study his words and works all the time. However, I learn Christ Jesus lived and died to show me how to live; how to experience heaven within consciousness now. There is no gimmick belief that will produce a ticket to heaven.

Here is my reasoning.

First: it’s impossible for someone else to do my work for me. I cannot assume it was the death of Christ Jesus that allows forgiveness and heaven because people before his time were forgiven. People who lived centuries before Christ Jesus, walked with God and did just fine, some even ascended (Enoch, Gen. 5:24; Elijah, II Kings 2:11). So, I must live my own life of a spiritually progressive consciousness. I can’t assume the great work of others is enough to save me.

Second: the first reason is enough. I don’t have time to come up with more reasons because as far as I can tell, I have a ton of spiritual work to do. To say I believe on Jesus and that he died for my sins does not offer me a clean, white robe. He showed me how to get my act together and wash my own filth. Me, I, have to replace self-righteousness,  bitterness, and laziness with humility, spiritual courage, and health.

Fortunately, a heavenly life is a science to demonstrate, not some sketchy speculation or free ride.

Heaven isn’t a physical location, but a state of mind. Having the Mind of spiritual Truth, a.k.a. Christ, is the avenue to harmony, a revealed consciousness of heaven on earth—this computes.

Today’s teachings must keep up with the increased spiritual understanding and demonstrations of humanity. Christ Jesus did prove the necessity of sinlessness and forgiveness in a big way, however, we will not understand and live a more God-like life every moment by repeating some belief or following some code or ritual. Working out our salvation with God is a vital personal responsibility, is a right.

It’s not easy working out our salvation with God, but it helps to realize if Christ Jesus can do it, we can. This helps remove the tendency to give up, thinking Jesus did the job for us, or that Jesus was the only person who could do what he did. Life, truth, and love are impartially allowing us all to manifest God, good.

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