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A Christian Scientist versus Christian Science

Are you a Christian Scientist?

When I am asked that question, more often than not, I answer, “I study Christian Science.” A Christian Scientist is not the same as Christian Science. They are as different as a computer programmer and programming. One is a title while the other is an activity. A Christian Scientist is a person who may or may not digress into a conventional lifestyle or culture. Classic Christian Science is a system of divine Mind-healing that can be applied to everyday life.

Rather than observe detached traditions, I study Christian Science as defined by Mary Baker Eddy in the 19th century in her book Rudimental Divine Science, “The law of God, the law of good, interpreting and demonstrating the divine Principle and rule of universal harmony.” There is no mystery to Christian or divine Science. It circulates quietly in consciousness in every corner of the world, interpreting itself in languages and forms understood by people in all walks of life.

Back in the day, while taking a scientific approach, Mary Baker Eddy studied the power of mind and its ability to heal. Her research was quick to reveal an inconsistency within human minds. Eddy then pushed the boundaries of research past the human mind and discovered an active healing force, greater than any human mind. She dubbed it divine Mind.

Working within the framework of her Christian upbringing, Eddy theorized this healing divine Mind was God. Moreover, the prophets and Christ Jesus healed through the power of God, Mind. Eddy developed the theory and discovered spiritual rules, that when followed, would result in spiritual healing. She wrote a book, outlining Christian Science, titled Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Although years later, Eddy established a religious organization, Christian Science is still autonomous. The healing power of God is unaffected by human beings and/or religious organizations.

When applying the spiritual rules as outlined in the Bible and Science and Health, I’ve experienced profound physical and emotional healing. But, I’m careful not to mechanically connect Christian Science to a church, a dogma, or a human way of life. The propaganda surrounding Christian Science, or any religion for that matter, needs to be dismissed, in order to embrace the inspiration that correctly interprets its spiritual rules.

The study of Christian Science has been interesting and effective. Revisions of the Bible and Science and Health allow the study of Mind-healing to express their full voice.  However, the spirit of Mind-healing  is detected in places where people are unfamiliar with the Bible and Science and Health, because the law of God is not locked into words, churches, Christian Scientists, or time and space.



Researching what we read

21st Century Science and Health is now in its fourth edition.

Click here for, 21st Century Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: A modern version of Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health, sixth edition.

Click here for youtube video

Spirituality Can’t be Duplicated

Master print maker, James Reed, imparted some of his knowledge on the history and process of printmaking. His niche in print work is his familiarity to original prints. Over the last 40 years Reed has become quite an expert in prints and printmaking as done in the 1400’s, 1500’s, and 1800’s, which has in turn qualified him to be able to verify the authenticity of old prints and become a successful collector of original prints.

Reed knows, a fake is only worth the paper its printed on. And, because he knows the how, what, and where of prints, a fake can’t be passed off as an original.

This principle applies to spirituality also. Familiarity with divine Spirit and its nature helps us detect fraudulent pictures of our spirituality. Too often, thoughts about ourself, “I’m ugly. I’m the prettiest in the room, etc. ” present themselves as genuine and genuinely our own thoughts. however, under the magnifying glass of spiritual knowledge, we can detect if those thoughts are true, or only worth the vibe they came on.

Spirit knows universal beauty, shining forward in thoughtfulness and health. Our genuine spiritual nature can’t be duplicated. We don’t have 2 natures. Spirit is. We are spiritual. Beauty is spiritual, to be shared.

Borrowed Christmas Traditions

Santa Claus is a jolly reminder that many of the traditions engaged in during Christmas time were borrowed, maybe never to be returned. The traditions of gift-giving, tree decorating, feasting, and honoring gods, can be traced back to ancient Scandinavia, Germany, and Rome celebrating the winter solstice or New Year.

Movie, Christmas Unwrapped: A History of Christmas documented how, for more years than not, Christmas was a rowdy event. Drinking, indulgence, and carousing went on for days. It was centuries after Christ Jesus’ birth before churches stepped up as participants in the holiday.

Christmas as we see it today was fine-tuned in the 19th century when children were recognized as important during the festivities. The “family” approach tempered the holiday. Christmas carols, stories, and cards also became popular in the 19th century along with the nativity of Christ Jesus as a focal point.

It’s fair to put in a plug for Saint Nicholas―though exorbitantly marketed today―because the spirit of giving has truly been lived by individuals for centuries in many cultures. For example, in the 4th century A.D. Bishop Nicholas of Smyrna lived in what is known today as Turkey. Bishop Nicholas was a wealthy and generous man who loved and gave gifts to children. He was later given the title of Saint Nicholas.

Keeping Christmas in perspective, I hope you all have a blessed day and every day after.


Handle Serpents as an Eagle

Most people are startled by snakes, or are at least given the creeps. Including myself. It probably has to do with the collective mentality setting up snakes as lurking evil. In the Bible, there is a story about Moses who had a staff and was told to throw it down on the ground. Moses did. The staff turned into a serpent. Moses was scared. However, he was then told to pick up the serpent. Moses did. The snake turned back into a staff.

A staff is something we lean on. A support. A tool to help us in our daily work. But the staff can’t be leaned on so heavily that it becomes deformed and useless. A staff also can’t be guarded and horded so closely that we neglect to use it properly.

Staffs come in a plethora of forms. They can be books, social status, economic schedules, diets, time, and so on.

We do not need to fear casting down our staffs. Because we do not need to fear the serpents. A snake is defined in Science and Health as subtle deceit, a lie. And, lies will grow, and bite, and sting, if truth is not known and acted on.

As revisionist of Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health, I had to learn this lesson. A few of the staffs I leaned on were: 1) the book Science and Health; 2) a moral lifestyle; 3) church membership.

When I threw these staffs down, a glaring nest of serpents surprised me, lies such as: 1) Science and Health is not to be revised; 2) an immoral lifestyle disallows spiritual healing; 3) the church has a monoply on Christian Science.

I then picked up the serpents, with trepidation and after much research, and discovered powerful facts to work with. These facts are: 1) Science and Health states that revisions are “requisite,” necessary; 2) Science and Health was written for the public, not a church; 3) everyone, EVERYONE, has the ability to discover and understand the divine Science interpreting God and harmony. Divine Science doesn’t come through a book.

Well, I need to sign off here and get back to work. But, just a reminder, don’t be afraid to throw down what seems like such a wonderful support. Be strong as an eagle and take those serpents back up. God, divine Spirit, is right here, right now, guiding, guarding, and renewing us. And, we will find a more reliable human staff to lean on. A staff that includes everyone.

Taking Humor Seriously

Paying our bills, jobs, relationships, religion, and so on, are serious matters that require thoughtfulness and attention, however it is also important to take seriously a sense of humor. Without a sense of humor, things become trivialized or over-emphasized, throwing our sensibilities out of whack.

Memo: lewd jokes and sarcasm do not qualify as humor.

Humor is the ability to laugh at ourselves, the ability seriously to recognize when we need to change for the better, and the capacity to appreciate the good sense in others even when it makes us look stupid.

For example, when people find out I drive a motorcycle, they think I am cool. What a hoot. I do everything possible to stay warm, not cool. My daughters tease me, I look like an old-fashion astronaut when I ride in the colder months. If you have a couple of minutes to take a look at the laughable motorcycling mom, here is a video. Or, let me know of something you’ve gotten a good chuckle out of.

Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science and Health” is No Longer Weird or Aloof

One hundred years ago, Mary Baker Eddy died, leaving an astonishing legacy to the world. A few people cherish the religious organization and church buildings Eddy left behind; however, one of Eddy’s books is regarded as the most valuable heirloom given to humanity, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
Weather and exposure tarnish gold, silver, and marble. Similarly, human language, time, and misinterpretation tarnish the written word. Therefore, the 19th century church buildings are restored and Science and Health is revised.
The revision I produced, 21st Century Science and Health, required years of preparation, prayer, and research. Thankfully, Eddy revised Science and Health over 300 times during her lifetime so there was a definite pattern to follow. And, I can honestly say, this work was motivated by immense appreciation for Eddy’s explanation of divine Science. I did not revise Eddy’s book out of desperation; I did not do it to prove a point; and I did not do it because I thought I could do a better job than someone else. The work was done vigilantly, delicately, meticulously, conscientiously, prudently, firmly—through sweat and tears.
Eddy’s Science and Health was carefully excavated. I gently removed decaying language, clichés of institutionalized religion, misconceptions found in society, and the outdated social references. Readers of 21st Century Science and Health can also relate to examples and illustrations apropos to today’s globalization and technological discoveries. Science and Health is no longer aloof or weird.
The requisite revisions were made in order to present Eddy’s ideas intact and correct to this present time. A case in point is the paragraph discussing “Novel Diseases.” Eddy listed new diseases of the 19th century while I listed new diseases of today. I also updated terminology such as: animal magnetism, phrenology, humors, brainology, and consumption. Science and Health is now gender-inclusive. Also, Biblical quotes come from the diverse English Bible versions available to people at the many bookstores around the world.
I continue to update Science and Health, keenly noting the thoughts and suggestions of the global thought, proving that Christian Science can’t be trapped in history or culture.
Eddy’s Science and Health gleams again with the facts that: divine Science is timeless; other cultures and people have also discovered and articulated divine principles; the ability to heal spiritually is accessible to people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and faiths; a divine perspective of truth can’t be hidden; there is no mystery to understanding and practicing scientific mental healing; and, the elements of human ideologies never harmed Mind-science.
Immense work is yet needed to advance divine Science and its interpretation of health, harmony, and holiness.

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