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Renewal can’t be stopped

Spring is finally springing here in upstate New York. I took some pictures while on my walk yesterday. Springtime has always perked up my confidence with the fact, that life is unstoppable, and we can feel renewal. We read in, 21st Century Science and Health, “Consciousness constructs a better body when faith in matter has been conquered. Correct the human mortal convictions by spiritual understanding and Spirit will form you anew.”

Can you help me identify some of these sprouting buds?          ???????????????????????????????


Pretty sure this is an apple bud

Pretty sure this is an apple bud


Researching what we read

21st Century Science and Health is now in its fourth edition.

Click here for, 21st Century Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: A modern version of Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health, sixth edition.

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Let’s Not Mistake the Bible for Truth

“The Bible says…” “We must obey God’s Word.”

That kind of talk can open the door to an inspiration or it can set a trap for the mind to conclude the Bible is the truth.

The Bible is a book of books. It is a physical unit loaded with human words. The words have been reconfigured into many languages to keep it alive. Worries are expressed that some Bible versions are incorrect, untruthful.

However the Bible is not truth itself because truth is a metaphysical configuration.

Despite—or perhaps partially because of—not letting this fact get in the way of a good story, Bibles can be read in many of the world’s languages. As readers, we have the ability to know what’s real and what isn’t.

A few Bible facts from Statistic Brain:

Number of total Bibles Printed 6,001,500,000
Approximate number of languages spoken in the world today 6,900
Number of translations into new languages currently in progress 1,300
Number of languages with a translation of the New Testament 1,185

Cleaning Out the Mind

An excerpt from the modern abridged version of the chapter Footsteps of Truth:

Whatever and whoever is controlled by God is never for an instant deprived of the light and might of intelligence and Life. Socrates (470 BC-399 BC), Stephen (Acts 7:57-60), William Tyndale (1494-1536), Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), the list goes on, understood the superiority and immortality of good. These venerable people who put their faith in Soul and spurn physical timidity prove their immortality even if the stubbornness and malice of the crowd try to kill them.

Psychology or the medical field may inform us that the healing work of Christian Science comes through the human mind however the healing work only comes through divine Mind. The scientific and permanent remedy for any problem is to learn the power of Mind over the body or over any condition that couldn’t have possibly come from Love. Scientific methods are superior to any therapy juxtaposed with the human mind and body. “From now on, therefore, we regard no one from a human point of view; even though we once knew Christ from a human point of view, we know him no longer in that way.”[1]

Sin and sickness are difficult to heal for many reasons:

  • The human mind is the sinner, disinclined to self-correction;
  • We believe the body can be sick independently of human mind;
  • We believe divine Mind intervenes on a whim;
  • We doubt God is willing or able to heal;
  • We have more faith in temporal drugs or physical manipulation;
  • We believe other people can do our work for us; or we want to do other people’s work for them.

Consider for a moment and find something you absolutely would not do, e.g. hunt, steal, abuse, kill, be an atheist, etc. and then apply that conviction to sickness. You can treat a belief in sickness with as sudden a dismissal as you do to kill. We can dismiss weariness, sorrow, pain, gluttony, hate and so on as we admit Mind is the supreme, absolute, and final power.

Entire immunity from the belief in sin, suffering, and death may not be reached at this period, but we can look for a decrease in these problems. Science includes no rule of disorder but governs harmoniously. Instinct is better than misguided reason. The human mind, when not inspirited by Truth, will correct some errors but not the errors they favor such as repeating out-grown but beloved formalities. Just because you master one problem doesn’t mean you can neglect to master other beliefs, even if you deem the belief harmless or true.

Feasting or fasting, along with any other self-indulgent activity, must be dismissed. Food should not be given more power than God. Let Truth regenerate the fleshly mind and feed thought with the bread of Life. The only diet that works is the diet that follows a plan involving honesty, wisdom, hard-work, and balance. “Walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”[2]

The greater does not go into the lesser. Spirit is greater than matter therefore Spirit is not in matter. Eternal Life is greater than human life therefore Life is not in human life. God is our Life.

What is Truth? The efforts of some ology to answer this question are vain. Only spiritual reason and free thought will meet face-to-face the divine Science that is enlightening humanity with truth.

[1] II Cor. 5:16, ASV

[2] Galatians 5:16, NIV

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