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Safely Passing Through Danger

Supposedly, North Korea has threatened nuclear attack against its aggressor. We will never know the whole story unless we personally talked with leader, Kim Jong Un, which probably isn’t going to happen.

But because the threat is splashed throughout the media, it’s pretty difficult to ignore. The warning generates worry and strain.

It’s a matter of keeping our head on straight. No over action and yet no inaction. Going by my own puny experience, I do remember when our first grade daughter attended a school known for its bad reputation. The day she entered I made a vow to be involved, actively but not with a smoldering passion that could burst out and over react.

Every day, I surround the school with a prayer. One day, it became urgent that I pray more for the school, the community, and the children. I did.

Our daughter came home and confirmed what was eventually spread over the media. A bomb threat had been received at the school office. All of the children were quickly and calmly evacuated. Neighboring homes were opened up to allow the children to come inside out of the freezing cold winter weather. Hours passed. A bomb squad searched and found no bomb. School was resumed.

The test of my prayer was not to prove prayer works but to love more. And, love was definitely felt for our child, the teachers, the school staff, the neighbors, and the community, including the caller who hopefully found something better to do.


Guest Blog by Julia Wade, Singer

The Journey to Innovation


Julia Wade

 As the Soloist at the international headquarters of the Christian Science church — The Mother Church — I found myself in the unique position of bringing to the services all kinds of inspiring and innovative sacred music for the 21st Century. From 2005 to 2012, I performed several hundred sacred and inspirational songs in English and Spanish as well as in several African languages.

It was a large part of my job to do this, and I loved it!  I loved it because it was natural for me to explore and expand my sense of music in church.   I was drawn to do it, and inspired to do it.  I simply had to do it!  It was my spiritual path to walk during those 7 years.

Over time, I helped to expand the instrumentation at The Mother Church beyond its grand Aeolean-Skinner organ.  Though much beloved and well used with over 13,000 pipes, we needed other instruments to express the more contemporary music.  We added digital keyboards, a computer bank of state-of-the-art sample libraries of orchestral instruments and an acoustic grand piano.  We regularly invited special guest instrumentalists to accompany me: acoustic and electric guitarists, keyboard players and programmers, a brass quintet, harpists, a violist, a clarinet player, a drum line of African drummers from Kenya and Nigeria, and more!  Occasionally, I sang a capella, and once I sang with a sweet harmonica as my accompaniment.  I also used professionally produced orchestral tracks as my band, which expanded the sacred sound landscape even further.

The expansion and innovation of the music in church always came from a deeply grounded motive to serve:  to serve the worship service, its congregation, and follow the inspiring messages coming to my thought.  My spiritual goal was to bless the service and congregation with music that would lift up, inspire, and heal, while supporting the main ideas of the sermon.  During my tenure, these motives and goals found their expression through the addition of instruments and instrumentalists mentioned above, different kinds of guest singers, a wide range of spiritual songs in many musical styles as well as my own evolving style of performance.

When I arrived at the beginning of my final year, I thought, well, it seems my work is done.  So, I asked, what am I supposed to do now?  Through prayer and practice, the answer came.  I was to go deep into Mary Baker Eddy’s prose text and sing her timeless truths straight from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  “Wow.”  I thought, “Sing iconic statements from this seminal book!  What an interesting and challenging project to undertake!”

I took the idea to my principal composer and producer, Peter Link.  As a well-crafted lyricist, he was initially resistant to the idea.  It’s a whole different process to set prose to music than it is to set poetry or lyrics specifically written to be sung.  But Peter also loved so many of the iconic statements in Science and Health, so he was intrigued.  He went off to find out how this idea could take shape through his own creative expression.

The result is my new CD, Solos composed and produced by Peter Link.  The CD is comprised of 12 songs whose lyrics come directly from Science and Health.  One song, “Today,” was the first piece that Peter wrote for the album.  He took the opening sentence in the preface of Science and Health and he then expanded on that first phrase with his own lyrics.  The other 11 songs on the CD are all comprised of direct prose quotes written by Mary Baker Eddy.

The process of creating and recording “Solos” became a profound experience for both Peter and me.  We each discovered that the words and ideas came to light with fresh understanding when married to this original contemporary music.  We both felt that releasing this CD as I finished my 7 years at The Mother Church really served as a summation of that rich time of spiritual and musical innovation.  The CD also became a wonderful bridge to continue communicating inspiring truths through music as I go forward into the world.

I am so excited to share this CD of the innovative music of Peter Link with the timeless lyrics from a great spiritual thinker, Mary Baker Eddy.  She wrote Science and Health for the world.  She meant it to be shared, read, and used in every walk of life.  It is with that intention that we offer Solos to seekers of Truth everywhere!

“Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth, or Love — be it song, sermon, or Science — blesses the human family with crumbs of comfort from Christ’s table, feeding the hungry and giving living waters to the thirsty.” From Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: 234:4 – and found in the song, “Footsteps of Truth” on the Solos CD.

Enjoy listening to songs from Solos at: http://www.reverbnation.com/juliawade

Listen to samples, download and purchase shippable copies of “Solos” at Watchfire Music: https://www.watchfiremusic.com/artist.php?arid=2

Get the sheet music for Solos at http://www.watchfiremusic.com/composer.php?coid=2

Connect with me at






Getting the Whole Story Saves From Grief

After reading this “usually overlooked” story in the Bible, I couldn’t decide if it was the savvy bold woman who impressed me more, or the fact that good does not need to be destroyed with the bad.

Here’s the story from II Samuel 20, ESV:

King David has a slightly power-hungry Army Commander, Joab. Although Joab is faithful to King David.

At one point, “a worthless man, whose name was Sheba,” rebelled against King David. So Joab gets all worked up and goes after Sheba who hid in the city of Abel of Beth-maacah.”

Joab and his men were banging and battering the wall of the city, causing a terrible commotion of ruin. A “wise woman” bravely called out and asked to speak with Joab.

Fortunately, Joab himself had enough bravery to stop his destruction and listen to the practical woman. The woman pointed out that they were a peaceful and faithful people and then asked basically, “What is your problem?”

“Sheba,” answered Joab.

“Give me some time,” responded the woman. She went into the city and found the hiding Sheba, had his head cut off, and threw it over the wall to Joab.

Joab and his army leave town.


Fortunate Events Swirled with Hurricane Irene

The impact of Hurricane Irene wiped out electricity around here for 3 days…unfortunate.

My daughter, Carly, who was visiting from Seattle, Washington, and I got to talk and laugh in candle light….fortunate.

Carly’s plane was delayed to go home…unfortunate.

Carly and I got to spend an extra 30 hours together. She cooked me dinner and made tiramisu….fortunate.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “As we become better acquainted with the Science of being, we are better able to communicate with the divine Mind. Spiritual knowledge not only allows people to foresee and foretell events which concern the universal welfare, but it also inspires people divinely to reach the dimension of unfettered Mind, Spirit….The events of spiritual ascension are the days and seasons of Mind’s revelation, in which beauty, magnificence, purity, and holiness (the divine nature) appear in spiritual beings and the universe, never to disappear.”

Carly's visit was fortunate, fun, fabulous, full


Knowledge vs. Experience: The Tough Decision


When it comes time to “do” something in life, the human mind often finds itself in a heated debate between knowledge and experience as being the determining factor. Education, research and professional opinions can easily conjure up a list of pros and cons that are oftentimes completely contradictory, and proceed to compare it to a similar list made using your own personal experience and advice from your family and friends, based on their own experiences, but which simply leads you back to square one: lying awake at night fretting about what to do.

As a young adult I have recently found myself making bigger decisions than I am used to. It started with what college to go to and has been followed by choosing a career path, selecting a husband, purchasing a home, and if those decisions weren’t monumental enough, now everyone starts asking about (or blatantly hinting) at the question of having babies!

The pressure can make a troubled decision-maker snap. Or in my case, the pressure turned me into a tormented decision-maker who can’t choose between an enchilada or a burrito even though deep down I know the ingredients are just about the same thing. Clearly, I needed to adjust my decision making process because neither the knowledge I had gleaned from my college education, nor the years of being a diligent reader, nor the experiences of other people were helping me continue  moving through life gracefully.

The first thing I had to accept was, that it wasn’t the actual decision itself that was driving me crazy, it was what could happen afterwards. No one likes to be judged or criticized or even minutely questioned when they make a decision. The truth is, people will scrutinize you no matter which decision you make, simply because if they are the type of person who thinks that their own knowledge or experience is worth sharing then they will do it.

The take away?

Make sure I don’t judge people for their decisions and make sure I just support them.

Next, I had to accept that although I do appreciate the wise advice of someone who has lived through a situation I am currently going through, I don’t necessarily have to do what he/she did, because quite frankly I am not him/her. And also they probably would’ve turned out just as happy and loving if they had chosen to go to college B over college A anyway.

Third, I determined that my worldly knowledge and education, although expensive and required to get a job at any corporate office in America, was really nothing more than just facts about inanimate objects and theories. Science and Health dubs human knowledge as “evidence acquired from the physical senses, mortal beliefs and opinions…” This is a view that shows human knowledge is temporal, just like a mortal. So, is human knowledge really what I want to use to make a decision? Of course not, I want my decisions to be as immortal as my own spiritual self is!

Which led me straight to a decision on how to make decisions: I really just have to do what is the right thing, using spiritual knowledge of God, Love. It is a mindful path which leads me to be the most loving, caring, adventurous and good-humored spiritual being that I am. Decisions can be less about which human mortal path to take and more about choosing to have the best attitude and the most loving soul while continuing forward. By using this method to make decisions the pressure lessens and I can simply order the enchilada because it has a corn tortilla which my gluten intolerant husband can eat as well.


Food-safety and Gloves: Food and Eating V

I wear disposable sanitary gloves for most of the morning, five days a week. The sensation of wearing gloves lingers in my memory-bank and reappears at odd times throughout the day and night when I have no gloves on. I shake off the sensation as quickly as I peel off the gloves at work in the kitchen.

The gloves are worn for food safety. It’s the law to wear gloves when preparing ready-to-eat food for an institution. However, these laws, serving to protect from food poisoning and contamination can’t guarantee health. In fact, studies are showing that the obsession to be sanitary may be contributing to increased allergies and decreased immunity systems.

Now, none of us are going to run out and expose ourselves to germs thinking it will help build up natural antibodies. But, being a fanatic about wearing gloves and using sanitizing agents (full of dangerous chemicals), also does not guarantee health.

So, new ground is broken. The quirky things that happen in life are credited. For example, the time I was able to shake off the sensation of a sickness by focusing my mind’s attention on a task at hand. Or, those times when I look to spirituality for understanding, and find health.

Evidence has it that health can be temporarily improved by thinking positively and eliminating stress from our minds. “Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind,” says Science and Health. But the excruciatingly important point to understand is that spiritual ongoing health, manifest, is not a condition of human mind, but divine Mind. Otherwise, health is as varied as the human minds in charge.

The sensation of temporal sickness, health, and the human mind is all connected, similar to the fingers are connected to the hands. It can be shaken off. It can be peeled off because the temporal is not a law in spirituality.  

Our sense of body is healthy when our sense of Mind is divine.

Sanitary gloves

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