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Human Rights to Practical Religion

You people—among you who are surgeons, parents, lawyers, investment bankers, store clerks, computer program designers—are part of a growing group challenging society’s strictures on the side of a practical religion. As the Sunday morning rituals around the nations keep church adherents busy, you are cheering one another on as you tap into your own innate power to discover God and utilize a Truth that sets us free in our everyday lives.

The fact you study and practice religion largely in quietude—without interjection from religious authorities—has added to the growing momentum toward human rights everywhere. You are cultivating your ability to excel spiritually not only in the home, but at school, in society and the workplace.

Religion is a window into improved human rights but the shutters of tradition must be opened wide. Tradition is steeped in the notion that the common everyday person needs a middleman to God. But, you are one with God. You have the right to understand God, Truth. You have the right to experience a holy purpose, deeper meaning, and healing in everyday life. You have the right to share, not proselytize, spiritual ideas that make a change for the better. Granted, you will come up against the official and societal resistance to these human rights but you have the right not to get angry or frustrated. You have the right not to pick on yourself until there is nothing left to pick on. You have the right to heal non-intrusively, with divine Love.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “The question is posed to people today who profess to love Jesus, If that Godlike and glorified man were physically on earth today, would you reject him? Would you deny him the rights of humanity, if he entertained any other sense of being and religion than yours? As mass consciousness advances to a perception of the invisible God, Mind-healing as instructed by Jesus, will be liable to misinterpretation; however, misinterpretations don’t affect the invincible facts of Truth.

“Perhaps the early Christian era did Jesus no more injustice than the later centuries have. The healing Truth and spiritual idea of being are sometimes disregarded at the podium, over the air, or through the internet. The curative mission (which presents the Savior in a clearer light than mere words), can’t be omitted from our spiritual education, even if it is ruled out of the church or temple.

“Truth’s immortal idea is hovering over the centuries, gathering beneath its wings the sick and sinning. My weary hope tries to realize that happy day when human beings will recognize the Science of Christ, Truth, and love their neighbor as themselves. I hope you realize God’s omnipotence and the healing power of divine Love in what it does for humankind. The promises will be fulfilled. The time for the reappearing of the divine healing is throughout all time. Leaving all our earthly things at the altar of divine Science, we will drink from Truth’s cup now and be provided with the spirit and power of scientific Mind-healing.”

Think of the first Saudi Arabian females who competed in the Olympic London Games this summer. Wojdan Shakrkani, a brave 16-year judo competitor who was quickly defeated by Puerto Rican Melissa Mojica. And, Sarah Attar, who finished last in the women’s 800 meters, while hundreds of spectators rose to give her a standing ovation as she crossed the finish line. These women, representing the ultraconservative Saudi Arabia nation, performed successfully for the principle of women’s rights, rather than for the performance. Although religious clerics turned away so as not to watch what they believed was tantamount to blaspheme before God and the church leaders, the rest of us watched the women prevail valiantly for our right to learning and skills.

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