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Laughing at Fear

From Science and Health, “Fear never stopped being and its action. The hormones, blood, heart, lungs, brain, etc., can’t do anything to Life, God. Every function of our spirituality is controlled by the divine intelligence. The human mind has no power to kill or to cure, and it has no control over God’s child. The divine Mind that made us, maintains Mind’s exact image and likeness.”

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Being Realistic about Language and Expanding Dialogue

Richard is our cat. He is intelligent, entertaining, soft, loving, loveable, healthy, adorable, soothing, happy, playful, well-behaved, and so on. Richard is so smart, he plays the Scrabble game with me… (more reading below picture)

Richard selecting his next word

Just kidding about the Scrabble game. I wouldn’t expect Richard to understand the English language because Richard speaks Meow language.


Realistically, even people, who speak the same language can have a difficult time understanding one another. We all interpret what is said and heard differently, through our own perceptions, which are as individual and unique as each person, therefore we need to speak differently to different people in order to promote understanding.

Words are not effectively used when “telling” each other what to do, or what not to do. Words are effectively utilized when keeping a respectful dialogue flowing. For example, Mary Baker Eddy offered to the universe a great definition of God, but because God is so infinite, so all-encompassing and grand, our understanding must supersede the human language. An ever-expanding language is requisite to contemplate God and expand our understanding of universal goodness.

Definition of God found in Science and Health: “The all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal; Principle, Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love; all substance; intelligence.”

An Eclectic Party

Our daughter, Leah, and her boyfriend, Anthony, were visiting us last weekend, so we decided to have a party. I walked to our neighbors houses and invited them. I emailed a few friends who live in the nearby village, and I invited whoever happen to call me on the phone before our early Sunday dinner party.

Leah made scrumptious black-bean burgers. I made tasty black-pepper/ginger greenbeans and beef, cheesecake, and tiramisu. Friends brought fresh green salad, couscous, chili, and applesauce.  Simple, yet delightful.

The atmosphere was alive with diversity and interest. Our cat, Richard, was skulking around the house trying desperately to find a quiet hiding place. The young children had to resort to playing with Richard’s toys, because our house is toyless since our chidlren are grown and gone.

Fortunately, Liz carries drawing pens and paper with her to use as an outlet for her ever-flowing love and creativity. Liz shared her coloring pens and paper with three year old Maica. Leon came as a newbie to us all, via Liz. It was comforting to meet him, an astute thinker and calming influence.

After eating, the attentive, lovely mothers took their children outside to romp. The rooms loudness factor dropped significantly, as if 13 people left, instead of 3 children and 2 mothers. We all inside immediately began misisng them.

Not that we didn’t have good conversation during the quiet lull. Annie spoke with her eloquent and attractive vocabulary that makes me appreciate the beauty in language. Paul and Eliane, shared travel adventures they had experienced over the last seventy years. Leah and Anthony chimed in with enterprising enthusiasm while discussing their new domain Stunt Bums Venus, Leah and Anthony’s doggie, sat on Anthony’s lap the entire time!

Eventually, the dispersion began. I cleaned up and within an hour there was no evidence of such a fortunate inclusive event.

I hope no one was offended that it isn’t my habit to say grace before eating. However, if I did say anything it would be, Thank you all for coming. I know most of you and find you stunningly interesting, therefore it stands to reason that when you get to know one another you will love each other as much as I love you all.

Hebrews 13:2-4
“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” (NIV)

Venus and Richard

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