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Learning about thought power

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Post written by Richard Fischer:

While in the service and stationed down South, I received transfer orders to go up North. The day before the packers/movers came, a supervisor did a walk through and explained what could go and what could not. Before she departed our house she had asked, “Do you have any cats?”

I answered, “Yes we do, but I’ll keep them in the downstairs bathroom during the packing and moving.”

She said, “Fine, because we have a mover who is really allergic to cats.” I assured her that our cats won’t be exposed to anyone.

The following day, the movers showed up at 7:00 a.m. and were there until 6:00 p.m. that evening.  One of the ladies finally asked me, “Is there anything in the downstairs bathroom?”

I said “No, everything was moved out last night.  This is where we have our cats.”

Five minutes later, this same woman had to be escorted out of our home because of her allergy. In 5 minutes, her eyes became bloodshot and watery, her nose was running, and she had problems catching her breath. This same woman had been in our home for 11 hours packing and not until she heard that we had cats present, did she get a reaction.

I really started to understand the power of thought. If we can literally talk ourselves into a reaction this severe and detrimental to our health, imagine what could happen if we focused our thoughts into something wonderful and beautiful.

Not until I read the new revised version of Science and Health, did I really understand the power of thought spiritualized.

Cheryl’s note: The sixth edition of 21st Century Science and Health now online at Amazon.


Spring Time Allergies Don’t Need to Bloom

Spring time brings flowers and newness, but for some people, spring time also brings on the allergies. And, what a bother allergies can be!

Over twenty years ago, during the spring, my sinuses were plugged for weeks. This went on for a few years and I would pray for God to heal me. Oh, my prayers were insightful and intellectually wonderful, but my nose was still plugged.

One day, I went for a walk. We lived on an orchard so I had to walk through flowering trees, bursting with pollen. The pollen was necessary for the fruit. How could something be so good, yet so bad?

But, during the walk, I got the notion to return home and look up the word “allergy” in the dictionary. So, I did.

The first definition of allergy described the physical reaction I was all too familiar with. But, there was a second definition of “antipathy,” which means hate. I sat there for a minute and contemplated hate. I didn’t hate anyone. But, deep in the abyss of thought I did hate when the wind made working on the farm difficult. At first this hate seemed so minor, so justified, that I almost blew it off, but I found a verse in the Bible that shed light on an inspiration, “Hate what is evil, cling to what is good.” (Rom. 12:9, NIV) I decided I needed to hate hate, because hate is an evil, not from God, Love. In order to cling to good, hate, in any form, could not be allowed to cling to me, or clog my nose!

To cling to good was my only medicine. The allergy didn’t disappear over night. It eventually went away, however, it returned the next spring, only it was a bit weaker. The next year, it was unnoticeable. And, for the next twenty years it rarely shows up. Clinging to good takes constant exercise. But, Love is constant and the results of exercising love are worth it. Especially when my husband and I drove our motorcycles across the country, because sneezing and blowing your nose while you have a helmet on doesn’t work!

“Evil thoughts, lusts, and malicious purposes cannot go forth, like wandering pollen, from one human mind to another, finding unsuspected lodgement, if virtue and truth build a strong defence.”–Mary Baker Eddy

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