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Window Shutters in France

My last day in France, in aix-en-Provence, I took a picture of Leah, Anthony, and Venus, their doggy. Notice: they are standing in front of an old building with shutters on the windows. You can see the wooden shutters. Well, French people really do use those shutters. Every time we left Leah and Anthony’s house, we closed the shutters on their house, even if it was to walk to the local bakery for a croissant.

Growing up in America, I’ve noticed outdoor shutters are basically used for decoration. The shutters are glued to the outside of the building—for looks.

The history of window shutters is fairly vague however I can see that they were probably invented for ventilation and light control, along with glass protection. In France, shutters are used, not just admired as an adornment.

Instead of shutters, I considered spiritual qualities God has given me: strength, joy, health, energy, and wonder, which led me to ask myself, “Do I use the spiritual qualities God has given me? Or, do I admire those spiritual qualities as though they are only ornaments?”

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