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Home sweet home

A long day turned into a longer day yesterday when the airplane in Seattle had mechanical problems. We passengers got on the plane, got off the plane, and got back on the plane, without the plane even moving one inch. Alas, the problem was fixed so after the 2nd boarding, we did take off for Chicago. The flight was uneventful and full of patient people.

But, I missed my flight to Syracuse! By now, my head was starting to hurt, I was starving, and my baggage was getting heavier with each step. I bypassed the very long line at United Customer Service and found a lone agent about 400′ away.

In 2 minutes, the agent gave me my seat assignment for the next morning flight and a voucher to stay at Crowne Plaza for the night. I ate. I took a nap and was back at the Chicago airport just after 4 a.m. The weariness was catching up with me. I considered popping an aspirin, but made a conscious effort to be at one with divine Mind. This oneness precluded me from finding reasons as to why I should be so tired. And, more importantly, it expanded my thought OUT, so it would embrace everyone in the airport.

It is astonishing to realize how many people are up at all hours of the day, working, directing, watching. And, we can all help one another to be at peace while we get done what needs to get done. This feeling of oneness and connectedness with good intention lightened my mind. No temporary pill was necessary. I made it home in good time, feeling fine.

Here I sit, with a kitty in my lap as I eat chocolate chip mint ice-cream topped with bananas.

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