Not boring

Most of us have heard of the “comfort zone” we human beings like to stay in. Comfort zones make us feel secure, however, they also can make us apathetic and dull. So, we try new things to keep our minds active and alive. We may teach ourselves a new job or hobby or exercise program that gives us new perspectives. These new perspectives make us more interesting also.

I was talking with a computer programmer who said, “Programming requires the mind to perform mental gymnastics. For example, instead of coding a program in which a camera moves through a house, they need to code the program so the camera is stationary and the house moves.”

The program then can be used with an oculus. It took me a few seconds to understand this concept, a moving house and stationary camera, to give an appearance that you are walking through the house.

I grinned, because it seems as though spiritual ideas reverse much of my thinking in just the same way. For example, I don’t have a mind of my own, but I reflect the one infinite divine Mind. This new perspective allows me remember better.

Or, instead of moving my body through time or space, I move my mind through love and truth. This allows me not to get bored.


Stand with divine authority

From 21st Century Science and Health:

We should remember that Life is God, and that God is omnipotent. To forget that God is our Life, is too unconsciously enable suffering instead of contradict it. Not understanding divine Science, the sick usually have little faith in it until they feel its altruistic influence. This shows that faith is not the healer in such cases. The sick admit the reality of affliction, whereas, they should defy it. We should stand up against the testimony of the deceitful senses, while maintaining our spirituality and ongoing likeness to God.

Divine authority

Christ Jesus was an excellent example. Like him, the healer should speak to disease as having authority over it, leaving Soul to prevail over the false evidences of the physical senses and to assert Spirit’s claims over mortality and disease. The same Principle cures both sin and sickness. When divine Science overcomes faith in a fleshly mind; and faith in God destroys all faith in temporal thinking and methods of healing, then sin, disease, and death will disappear.


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Restoration keeps on ticking

Restoration has a strong arm in the psyche of humanity. I attribute it to the hidden force of God, Love.

“I don’t go to church but I wanted to contribute to the community, so I asked the United Ministry church if they’d let me restore their tower clock,” said my neighbor.

???????????????????????????????After months of cleaning and refabricating some bearings, the clock began ticking forward and chiming hourly a few weeks ago. My neighbor said, “I hope people hear the bells and realize that sound shows they all are connected.”

My neighbor is a happy guy, spritely for his age of 70 years. He is an electrical engineer by trade and has multiple hobbies, one of which is repairing watches and clocks.

The hundred year old clock tower hasn’t kept time for a couple of decades. My neighbor asked to investigate and found an E. Howard clock with bells and chimes.

“It’s a well-made clock but between worn out parts, a fire and later a bolt of lightning it needed restoration in order to work again,” said neighbor.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Tracks in the snow

The arctic temperatures engulfed our region a couple of days ago, leaving behind a few inches of snow. I still go on my daily walk, all bundled up.

I never see anyone else walking however I notice tracks criss-crossing so often it makes our rural back roads look like a major highway. Coyote, deer, wild turkey, rabbit, and fox tracks show that I’m not the only one walking.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “Jesus charted out the path for others. He uncovered Christ, the spiritual idea of divine Love.”

tracks in snow

The puzzle of life

Winter time urges me to put a puzzle together. Snow can fly outside while I sit inside and look for the right piece. The longer I look at the broken up puzzle, the more often I reference the complete picture on the box cover, the more familiar I become with the scene and can find pieces easier. It reminds me of life. Life can feel like a puzzle. Sometimes the pieces come falling together, other times the pieces seem scattered. But, I take a breath and become familiar with the scene of God’s work and then look for pieces that fit in life, truth, and love. I don’t need to fret about creating a life but can image forth a life of love, God. From 21st Century Science and Health, “Does God create anew what Life has already created? Nothing is new to God. The Scriptures are definite on this point, declaring that God’s work was finished,[1] and that it was good.[2] ??????????????????????????????? [1] Gen. 2:2 [2] Gen. 1:31

Unregrettable New Year resolutions

Making a New Year resolution can be done anytime of the year. And, sometimes we do need to make a resolution as the first step to getting out of our rut, even if we’ve made peace with the rut.

In my search for spiritual life, I’ve been led to jump the rut a couple of times. I wish I’d do it more often because I never regret it, although it can be very lonely.

When I revised Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health, I was definitely on my own, but I was never alone. I started revising ten years ago and 21st Century Science and Health is now in its fifth edition.

The road has been filled with self-doubt, solitude, and possibilities full of wonder. But I wouldn’t change anything. I cringe to think what if I’d not made the resolution and followed through?

Resolutions we don’t regret aren’t always easy, but they are worth it if we follow through. And, we can with God.

Psalm 62:5: “For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him.”



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