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Thought Experimentaton

A professor, Sheldon Solomon, Ph.D., at Skidmore College in New York has been collecting evidence that thoughts affect behavior. For thirty years.

Solomon pointed out in a Soul Beliefs class that our thoughts are also influenced by the cultural milieu.

After World War II, the general population believed integrity and dignity defined a person. Solomon said that today, money and being skinny define men and women. “America has ten times more depressed people today than there was after World War II,” said Solomon.

He collected evidence by experimenting. Volunteers would be asked to think different thoughts, even of death, while their vitals were being measured.

The data shows that fear of death causes anxiety. And more anxiety is caused when your mind is believing that you need money and a certain body type to be happy. The anxiety leads to terrorists like thinking. “People get defensive,” said Solomon.

Solomon’s data is convincing the field of psychology. But what was really interesting about the whole thing was the experimentation.

The experiments occurred all around the nation and included many people. Solomon had volunteers come in and they were hooked up the machines that measured their inner reactions. Solomon would ask them to think a certain way and they would.

So, why don’t we experiment ourselves? On our own?

If our day is going badly, why can’t we sit down and change our thinking, just to experiment?

If our relationship is going sour, why not experiment? Why not look at good images, happy images? Why not surround ourselves with positive and courageous people? They’ve been shown to affect us positively.

We can change unsatisfied thoughts into satisfied thoughts. We can always find something to be satisfied about, even it if our pet’s love, or the sun shiny day.

Experimentation is valuable. We will find that good thoughts are related to good behaviors.

I’ve found though, that when I think I’m running out of good thoughts, I have to go further, to God, infinite Mind, having no lack of good thoughts.

Mind has a universal outlook, an inclusive spirit, and pure unselfish goals. We can take those thoughts and make them ours. They are ours.


What are you watching?

Human beings become so determined to make THEIR reality, THE reality. We get indignant when someone tells us our reality is all in our head.

Most of us have had our realities change, so we come around to the idea that maybe our reality isn’t THE reality of the universe.

I read a lot of history. Our concept of reality does keep changing. I also watch movies. I can’t help but ask…

Think of all the people in the world, somewhere around 7 billion. Well, there was only 2 billion people 100 years ago.

But 100 years ago, there was no television to speak of. Today, there are billions of people watching what?


Paid actors. Written scripts. Rehearsed scenes.

Some of the movies depict true stories, but all the other stuff, unreal. Fake.

Are we watching more unreality, than reality?

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;

1 Corinthians 13:4-5 ESV

Gene editing

Recently in Britain, a landmark decision gave scientists approval to conduct experiments in which they will try to edit the genes in human embryos.

Critics fear the move will lead to “designer babies.” Even the notion of “playing God,” rankles some.

Gene editing allows scientists to delete, repair, or replace DNA, inside a living cell. Cut and paste method basically. The editing in the recent British case is for research purposes. Embryos are to be destroyed when they reach 250 cells.

This sensitive, contentious issue of gene editing isn’t new. Most of us have seen it coming. It’s already happening to different degrees around the world. Genes are edited in plants.

While physical experimentation is going on, I will personally work with “thought experimentation.” My mental treatment will involve a healthy spirituality, a healthy honesty, a healthy credibility.  It is an increase in spirituality that keeps ulterior motives from seeping into the thoughts and actions of human beings.

I’m not looking for a healthy physical gene or body. But healthy spiritual qualities.

A healthy intelligence must include correct knowledge, not just an assertion of truisms. We need to be pro-active in this world and wisely negotiate the path of progress. We don’t need to fall into the trap of believing gene editing is a cure-all. But we also don’t need to fall into the trap that repeating spiritual cliches is also a cure-all.

We all know that if a perfect human child was created through gene editing, and was plopped into this world, that within nanoseconds those genes will start to change and mutate according to their circumstances and environment. We all know that repeating past behavior and prayers isn’t fruitful. The successes of yesterday are not the success of today.

From 21st Century Science and Health:

Reports in psychiatry, physiology, and genetics, sustained by what is termed material law, promote sickness and disease. It should not be true, that so long as you read medical reports you will be sick.

This constant thinking of something other than Spirit can inadvertently sow seeds of reliance on matter. Take a persistent healer who utilizes complementary alternative methods. They intently study the latest homeopathic remedies and automatically recommend doses for every itch, twinge, or burp. Clients may reap the effect of this mistaken reliance if healers impulsively endorse counselors, homeopathic powders, acupuncture needles, or magnets as a cure-all.

Descriptions and advertisements of disease, given by physicians, pharmaceutical companies, genetic engineers, and Health Departments, are prolific sources of sickness. The human mind is the agriculturist of error, but we can teach the human mind not to harm the body. We can root out of human mind all the weeds of sickness.


Different Gods

There is a difference between God and the human invented God. The human invented God dies with human minds. The human invented God is moody, testy, and contradictory.

God though…

God exists even if human beings don’t. God is the life force. The love force. The truth. God is knowable, and as the human mind bows out of competing with its invented God, the life force, the love force, is revealed.



Value of compromise

Sometimes we get good ideas and later find out they weren’t so good.

Sometimes we follow through on ideas and find out they were better than we ever could have imagined.

Sometimes an idea comes about purely by accident or twist of fate.

Here’s a few examples:

  1. A Post-it note is a small piece of paper with a strip of low-tack adhesive on the back that allows it to be temporarily attached to documents, walls, computer monitors, and just about anything else. The idea for the Post-it note was conceived in 1974 by Arthur Fry as a way of holding bookmarks in his hymnal while singing in the church choir. He was aware of an adhesive accidentally developed in 1968 by fellow 3M employee Spencer Silver. No application for the lightly sticky stuff was apparent until Fry’s idea. The 3M company was initially skeptical about the product’s profitability, but in 1980, the product was introduced around the world. Today, Post-it notes are sold in more than 100 countries.
  2. If you can’t eat just one potato chip, blame it on chef George Crum. He reportedly created the salty snack in 1853 at Moon’s Lake House near Saratoga Springs, New York. Fed up with a customer who continuously sent his fried potatoes back, complaining that they were soggy and not crunchy enough, Crum sliced the potatoes as thin as possible, fried them in hot grease, then doused them with salt. The customer loved them and “Saratoga Chips” quickly became a popular item at the lodge and throughout New England. Eventually, the chips were mass-produced for home consumption, but since they were stored in barrels or tins, they quickly went stale. Then, in the 1920s, Laura Scudder invented the airtight bag by ironing together two pieces of waxed paper, thus keeping the chips fresh longer. Today, chips are packaged in plastic or foil bags or cardboard containers and come in a variety of flavors, including sour cream and onion, barbecue, and salt and vinegar.

I have found the idea of compromising to be beneficial. Of late, we had to deal with the Constitution Pipeline, a large natural gas company that offered unfair prices to landowners for an easement. It took patience and perseverance, however the “higher ups” at the profit making Constitution Pipeline Company finally came to the table and a dialogue with landowners began. A better easement agreement was established. It could be better, but compromise was an excellent start.

While the exercise of compromise could be taken too far, it definitely should not be disregarded. It can expand our minds to new ideas that bless humanity.

But more important, I’ve realized that we compromise whether we know it or not. The stance of not budging or not compromising, can actually cause us to compromise our integrity or open-mindedness.

I remember thinking the Bible carried the most authority when it came to understanding eternal life. I didn’t bend (compromise) when it came to thinking the Bible must be read. Then I read in Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health, where she described the Bible as “a sufficient guide.” Only sufficient, not absolute. This idea relaxed and opened my mind to new thoughts, new books, new ways of expressing the infinite goodness we have available to us.


Shaking the mind

Yesterday, I was compelled to call a friend. Her voice was so shaken, I asked, “Is everything okay?”

I then received shocking news. Completely unexpected and undreamed of.

She said, “No, I’m not okay. Eddie (her husband) died two days ago. It’s odd you called, because I wanted to call and ask you to do something for me.”

I said I was sorry, shook my mind free of getting into the sadness of it and asked how I could help. I was able to help. Death is always a trying time, and we shared out gratitude that she will get back on her feet.

Matt. 5:4: Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Psalm. 30:11: You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness

Notes left behind

It’s cold outside but the sun is shining and my husband left a note for me on the counter, to wake up to.

It says:

note clam and pleasant dayC— Have a clam & pleasant Day, I love you

I can’t help but believe my husband flunked Spelling Class when in school, but I get the idea and am thankful.

From 21st Century Science and Health

“Having money and possessions may remove some barriers to a happy marriage, but nothing can replace the loving care in a union.

“Gentle words, and an unselfish attention to detail in what promotes the success of your spouse, will prove valuable in prolonging one another’s health and smiles. Don’t practice stolid indifference or resentment. Remember, a simple heartfelt word or deed is powerful enough to renew the romance.”



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