Evidence of Fairness and Mental Might

Innovation, organic healing, and restoration actively practice these insights:

  • Life goes on,
  • Love conquers fear,
  • Truth corrects blunders,
  • Principle disrupts status quo,
  • Soul inspires ethical and moral might,
  • Mind replaces stupidity,
  • Spirit sources our identities from spirituality not from materiality.

Critic of blind faith and religion, American Philosopher Sam Harris wrote in Waking Up, “The aims of spirituality are not exactly those of science, but neither are they unscientific.”[1]

In the spirit of scientific interests and sacred desires, it’s fair to admit that human life, science, and religion are imperfect and can wreak havoc on bodies, minds, and Earth. It’s fair to recognize that today’s sciences may perhaps be tomorrow’s pseudo-sciences. It’s fair to say that today’s science-fiction may be tomorrow’s science. It’s fair to say that humanity grows weary of utopian or apocalyptic promises broken by science or religion.

It’s fair to say that unfair denials of science or religion show stagnation, decline, fear.

Science and religion aren’t truth, not even sources of truth but only systems used for practice and discovery of human knowledge. While we welcome new knowledge to the end of old, we can’t buy into it or market it as true or real BC human knowledge is always limited and limiting. Human knowledge lacks principle, inspiration, and moral might.

An inspired writer quoted Christ as saying, “The truth will set you free.”[2]

[1] Harris, Sam. Waking Up. New York, NY, 2014.

[2] John 8:32


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