Giving to Life

Give to the natural sciences that to which it belongs, the hierarchical mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms, the change, mutation, evolution, and vulnerability to extinction.

Give to the Science of Life that to which it belongs, Principle, Soul, Life eternal, with no beginning or end, God, intelligence, force, spirituality, health, delight. The living atmosphere. Us.

“Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”[1]

God, the all-knowing divine Mind does not know the short-lived human mind. To know the human mind is not to know divine Mind. To know divine Mind is to recognize that the human mind is unknowable because it constantly vacillates between good and bad, adoration and fear, joy and grief, mistakes and fixes, birth and death.

Human mind may think it knows what health is, until it’s lost. It may think it’s experiencing out-of-body spirituality until it quits absorbing hallucinogenic drugs or time passes. Human mind may think it’s creating a life-changing adventure until it removes the Oculus headset. The human mind is easily fooled.

Without the Principle of the Science of Life to interpret existence, views are taken on blind trust and trigger conflicting opinions and behaviors that reduce the wholeness of life to a menagerie of personal beliefs, fears, pleasures, pains, haves and have nots. With the Principle of the Science of Life to interpret existence, views are taken on a trust in the infinite divine Mind, complete with inspired thoughts and actions that manifest restoration, renewal, and restructuring.

[1] Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:25


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