What happens after covid?

Sammy moved back to New York City today.

The vocal, colorful, multifarious City was Sammy’s home before moving, to what is referred to as the cabin, March of 2020, when the covid epidemic began is protracted journey from a fearsome devil-power to a reminder that humanity gains insights from scientific and religious research that reveal new ways of thinking about ourselves and the cosmos.

Although Sammy had strange digs, she did not have it hard. She lived with her grandparents and parents and participated uniquely in Mom’s newly developed home-schooling curriculum for children.

Dad worked from home but quit his job in 2021.

Because the company Dad worked for in the past wanted his technological knowledge to become somewhat obsolete, they paid him, not to work for his new company, for an entire year. At that time, Sammy and Dad became more familiar with one another.

Everyone in the household became more familiar with, not so much, one another physically, but also spiritually. The presence of spirituality was treated as paramount to getting along as a team and the presence of divine Intelligence was treated as the Principle of not believing everything one was told and the ability to discern the Truth behind truths. The rewards were tangible. Everyone got along so well, it became a wonderful new normal.

But it’s back to work at the office for Dad, so goodbye cabin.

Grandma, who stays at the cabin with Grandpa, told Sammy, “We’ll miss you.”

Then Grandma smiled because she wondered if Sammy was thinking, “I won’t miss being more familiar with who left the bathroom stinkier!”

Grandma said, “We’ll keep familiar the good times and new ways of treating one another. We’ll remember to keep our hands clean, to keep our germs to our self, and to give people their mental and physical space, even if its respectful quiet time. We’ll remember that all creation is connected by and of God, Truth, Intelligence, and that it’s imperative to humanity’s wellbeing that we share gratitude, patience, honesty, and goodwill.”

Sammy said, “Meow,” and got in the car.

Beautiful Sammy

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