Road trip, 6

Using Cle Elum, Washington as our headquarters, we drove to the near border of Oregon and visited family and friends. Many times.

It was easier for two people, me and Doug, to drive to see the family with parents who both work other jobs besides caring for the two children, a dog, and a house. And we’d crisscross the USA multiple times because we love this family. Along with Aunty, who lives down the road in her own house and has a full-time job and is earning her master’s degree, logging hours in her internship.

So, imagine to our delight when they all offered to come to Cle Elum to visit us. I felt so honored. Aunty brought her boyfriend, also earning his master’s degree and holding a full-time job.

Before they came, Doug and I went to the Ranch and Home store because my sister’s house had no children’s toys besides pots and pans, which will work in a pinch. But we had time and wanted a little extra for the four- and two-year-old coming soon.

I walked the small section of items designed for children and found a container of chalk for drawing on sidewalks, which my sister has, and playdough.

Indoor tents caught my attention, hanging from the ceiling. The choices were pink barbie or blue spiderman. Irk. I wanted Wonder Woman. Anyway, spiderman it was.

When our guests arrived, out of the car came the four-year old girl dressed in spiderman.

By time they left six hours later, the sidewalk was decorated lavishly, playdough circles and squares were cut out, and the tent was set up. The children coaxed the tall, hefty boyfriend to squeeze inside with them causing great volumes of laughter because he struggled to unfold and exit the tent.

We all, also went on a long walk and picked wildflowers for a large bouquet for the table at which we ate.

We gave them the tent to take home before they made the two-and-half hour drive.

The next week, we visited them in their own homes, we read, built blocks, played with her two-year old brother, went outside, planted cantaloupe seeds, pulled tack weeds, ate, and threw the ball for the dog.

The next week after that, we arrived at their home and the girl was dressed in Wonder Woman. I told her, “When I was in school, on dress up day, I dressed as Wonder Woman, who has wrist bands for protection.”

Her eyes got big.

We found paper and scissors, cut strips, and taped them together to make wrist bands.

She asked, “Can I have ankle bands too?”

Of course, I said.

“If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!”—Matt. 7:11


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