Road trip, 3

Road trip, 3

Corvallis, Oregon was our next stop, to visit another cousin and his wife. He is a professor at Oregon State University, and she works in the music industry.

When touring the University with my cousin, we noticed mini-robots on the sidewalks, used to deliver food, messages, and probably things I can’t imagine. I have to admit, the robots were a hoot. The programmed-wheeled contraptions travel the main campus and avoid people.

Because my cousin works in the agricultural research department, we drove off campus to “the farm,” which is up my alley because plants and trees have always interested me. He researches hazelnuts and it was fun to catch up on the latest discoveries.

After lunch, his wife took us to her work of business, dealing with sheet music for choirs. It was fascinating to hear how much record keeping and finesse is required to be a middleperson between singers and musicians.

If we had more time together, it would have been fun to get my violin and jam. My cousin’s wife is quite the singer and I’ve always appreciated her love of music.

They also had wonderful stories to share regarding their two children, both doing well despite covid. In fact, just before shut-down, their daughter, husband, and grandchild moved to Corvallis. So, we got to talk about how much fun it is to be grandparents.

 “If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“For centuries—yes, always—natural science has not really been considered a part of religion. Even now many people consider the conventional sciences to have no proper connection with faith and spirituality. However, mystery does not obscure Christ’s teachings. Truth’s instructions are not theoretical and fragmentary, but are practical and open to new discoveries that reveal ongoing completion and law. And being practical and comprehensive, God’s laws are not deprived of their essential vitality.”—21st Century Science and Health

One thought on “Road trip, 3

  1. Doug Petersen August 19, 2021 at 7:52 am Reply

    Very good. Even Lovely, to know Gods truth is practical.

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