Women’s March in nation’s capital

A Women’s March is scheduled for January 21 at Washington D.C. One day after the presidential inauguration.

It all started when a grandmother in Hawaii created a Facebook page on last November’s presidential election night. In other words, it got started by a regular person, not some famous activist or organization.

However, activists and organizations are jumping on board to either meet in D.C. or host a local event. More than 100 events are being staged around the nation.

The media predicts everything from solidarity to failure as a result of the march.

But, as with any thought or event, it will evolve or devolve and I’m chipping in for the event to evolve with integrity, honesty, and justice.

It’s happened before, it can happen again.

Women, and others who join them, can be aware, be empathic, wise, and productive.

We can laugh, cry, support one another, and keep warm together as we unite for the sake of uniting. As we evolve in goodness.




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