Balancing our discoveries

Yesterday, I learned that you can bathe and blow-dry a chicken. No kidding. The act of washing and drying chickens is performed by 4-H members at our county fair for showing.

Aside from the chicken factoid, we are constantly discovering.

Animal sciences professor, Min Du, of Washington State University, says our bodies are equipped with both good and bad types of fat and naturally work together to balance weight and metabolism.

Du’s theory includes, irisin, a newly discovered hormone in the skeletal muscle.

Will we ever know everything about this world? No.

We are constantly discovering and I’m training myself to discover something spiritual also, along with the physical discoveries to bring balance. I don’t want to be weighed down by physical knowledge, but buoyed by spiritual knowledge.

Spiritual discoveries that I strive to experience:

  • Patience is unbroken.
  • We move in Mind, not body.
  • By courageously doing something new and different, we can break vicious cycles.
  • Though nothing physical is sacred, we can preserve the story of the sacred by experiencing it.

chickens all 3



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