Historical preservation is mental

The only way something of historical significance can be preserved is to take care of the ideas behind the building, object, landscape or artifact. Preservation is more than simply maintaining a physical building or object. The spiritual significance must also be preserved because historical preservation is a mental achievement.

Individuals and municipalities try to retain history by renovating buildings and earmarking them as historical landmarks, however, when I visit these landmarks, there is no preservation of the human actions, feelings and emotions connected to the past. I can only imagine what the past was like.

Most buildings and objects of the past are gone or fake. Buildings burnt down or were torn down because all physical objects come to an end. And when a historical landmark is retained and looks like the original found in old pictures, new material was used to restore it.

Humanity does have a wealth of historical significance. We can learn from our past. I hope to learn from the past so as not to participate in the demise of historical significances. But, it requires us to stop trying to preserve a physical unit. It requires us to re-discover the ideas of significance and again express them newly. Historical preservation is a mental action first and foremost, therefore significant history can be preserved because it isn’t reliant on the ever evolving/devolving physical matter.

Quoting from science & religion to God

“Don’t discount the spiritual idea in order to preserve beloved rituals and past successes. And don’t abuse a truth to infuriate another person.

“Throughout history and in a multitude of cultures we find it is Mind that saves. Only when we depart from the true idea, does demoralization seep in and distract us away from divine Mind.

“Miracles can happen anywhere and at any time, because Mind is ever-present. Miracles are natural.

“Spirit is fully capable of making the body harmonious.”

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Old fashion lighting



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