The disciples role in the resurrection

On Easter, a few of us got together to discuss the resurrection. We read out loud a Bible Lesson then threw around some ideas on how our thoughts today could transform from death to life.

Looking to Christ Jesus as a signature example, we sensed that Jesus looked past the temporal to the eternal. Like looking past the sinner to the sin, to replace the sin with goodness, thereby manifesting a less sinning person.

J.C. said, “We have to remember that the human mind is plastic, even when it gets stuck in a temporal attitude that makes problems, it still can change or resurrect.”

H.S. said, “I remind myself to look past the human emotions and behaviors in others and see Christ which is our spirituality.”

D.P. said, “It occurred to me that Christ Jesus proved our spirituality can’t be killed. But I also realized that the disciples played a role. The followers who admitted Jesus’ spirituality was ever alive helped in the resurrection. They saw the spirit that lives forever and it strengthened them.”

Christ Jesus’ resurrection can also be our resurrection. We can see the spirit in all.

Quoting from science & religion to God:

“Resurrection. Spiritualization of thought; a new and higher idea of immortality or spiritual existence; material belief yielding to spiritual understanding.”







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