Gene editing

Recently in Britain, a landmark decision gave scientists approval to conduct experiments in which they will try to edit the genes in human embryos.

Critics fear the move will lead to “designer babies.” Even the notion of “playing God,” rankles some.

Gene editing allows scientists to delete, repair, or replace DNA, inside a living cell. Cut and paste method basically. The editing in the recent British case is for research purposes. Embryos are to be destroyed when they reach 250 cells.

This sensitive, contentious issue of gene editing isn’t new. Most of us have seen it coming. It’s already happening to different degrees around the world. Genes are edited in plants.

While physical experimentation is going on, I will personally work with “thought experimentation.” My mental treatment will involve a healthy spirituality, a healthy honesty, a healthy credibility.  It is an increase in spirituality that keeps ulterior motives from seeping into the thoughts and actions of human beings.

I’m not looking for a healthy physical gene or body. But healthy spiritual qualities.

A healthy intelligence must include correct knowledge, not just an assertion of truisms. We need to be pro-active in this world and wisely negotiate the path of progress. We don’t need to fall into the trap of believing gene editing is a cure-all. But we also don’t need to fall into the trap that repeating spiritual cliches is also a cure-all.

We all know that if a perfect human child was created through gene editing, and was plopped into this world, that within nanoseconds those genes will start to change and mutate according to their circumstances and environment. We all know that repeating past behavior and prayers isn’t fruitful. The successes of yesterday are not the success of today.

From 21st Century Science and Health:

Reports in psychiatry, physiology, and genetics, sustained by what is termed material law, promote sickness and disease. It should not be true, that so long as you read medical reports you will be sick.

This constant thinking of something other than Spirit can inadvertently sow seeds of reliance on matter. Take a persistent healer who utilizes complementary alternative methods. They intently study the latest homeopathic remedies and automatically recommend doses for every itch, twinge, or burp. Clients may reap the effect of this mistaken reliance if healers impulsively endorse counselors, homeopathic powders, acupuncture needles, or magnets as a cure-all.

Descriptions and advertisements of disease, given by physicians, pharmaceutical companies, genetic engineers, and Health Departments, are prolific sources of sickness. The human mind is the agriculturist of error, but we can teach the human mind not to harm the body. We can root out of human mind all the weeds of sickness.



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2 thoughts on “Gene editing

  1. Dick Ruth February 4, 2016 at 12:34 pm Reply

    Very good, Cheryl. Much food for thought.

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