The unbroken connection between us

Science and religion are too large to describe. They are veritable conglomerates, diverse trades, mottled and immensely interesting businesses that can go bad.

But science and religion affect contemporary faith and how it is shaping, or reshaping, our institutions. Even the people who say they have no faith, have faith in something, maybe their dog coming home.

Today, beliefs and convictions change daily. New thoughts are hurled at us to ricochet in our spaces and minds. But, we may remember that science and religion associate with a tiny segment in the history of humankind. Centuries elapsed before human beings developed a consciousness of either. Human beings were too busy surviving. It took time for beliefs and knowledge to evolve and organize, sometimes self-destructing in the process.

In this evolution, factions reproduced, even as they matured and decayed. And through it all, there are peaks, the empowering heartfelt religious prayers, transformative sciences, putrid abuses, in short everything that is pleasant and irritating that attracts and repels, seduces and disgusts us humans. But, more important there are the people. How they fit into science and religion. How they complement one another.

Over the last half century, I’ve met people who observe Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, secularism, humanism, and naturalism. I see more complements than clashes. Science nor religion can break the unity of the spirit.

Neither science nor religion is truth. They aren’t even bodies of facts. They are methods to decide whether or not what we chose to believe has a foundation in physical or spiritual laws. I barely understand physical and spiritual laws, occasionally thinking they blend, but I have found common ground among science and religion in that they both can be used to pursue the law of healing and answer questions as to why the heck we are here and what should we do about it.

But let’s remember where we are starting from: Unbreakable unity.




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