He is part of the family, a younger man who grew up with our daughters. When he was single and living on his own, I encouraged him to cook at home, rather than eat out all the time.

He remembered the Christmas cookies we’d make and asked for the recipe.

Later he called me on the phone and said, “The cookies turned out good, but the frosting is terrible.”

I asked, “What did you do?”

He answered, “I mixed butter and sugar.”

After pondering I finally asked, “What kind of sugar did you use?”

“Gran you late dead,” he enunciated carefully.

“Ah, that’s granulated sugar. You want powdered sugar,” I said.

He learned about powdered sugar and I laugh at myself when working cross word puzzles. Sometimes, when all but 1 block is filled out with letters, I can’t pronounce the word, especially when they add 2 words and I think it’s one.

Our human minds are limited. When we know their limits we are more open to hearing ideas from the unlimited divine Mind.


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