Shredding butter

We had some leftover butternut squash in the fridge and a couple of ripe bananas sitting on the kitchen counter. My husband was looking at them… thinking.

I came into the kitchen, stood next to my husband and said, “Make pumpkin banana pie filling and put it on a butter crust.”

We can read each others minds a lot of the time. I knew he wanted to bake something using those ingredients, but I also knew he isn’t one to stray from old standbys. He was battling between making pumpkin cookies or banana bread, or both.

Neither of us wanted too much food in the house, so the idea of blending the ingredients made sense.

We had a can of evaporated milk, eggs, sugar, and flour, to get the job done.

I reminded my husband, “You won’t need much sugar. When ripe bananas are used in cooking, the bananas have plenty of natural sugar already.”

“How do I make a butter crust?” Husband asked me.

“Oh, well, ya, you cut butter into small pieces and put it in flour. But the butter is cold and hard from being in the fridge, so you’ll need to wait until it softens,” I answered, before leaving to go into the office to type.

Within two minutes, my husband came into the office. I roll my eyes, not even having time to get into my typing project before being disturbed, but turn to see he is standing there holding a plate with a pile of stuff on it.

The picture clicks in my brain. I smile and say, “That was a brilliant idea, now just mix it with the flour and a little confectioner sugar and press it on the bottom of the pan to bake for 10 minutes.”

I laughed. I’ve been cooking and baking for 40 years and when I needed softened butter, I waited or used the microwave.

My husband got out the carrot shredder and shredded the cold hard butter into the perfect sized pieces to add to flour and make a crust.

We all get good ideas. They come from divine Mind when we need them. Some people get ideas that earn them Nobel Prizes, but a good idea is a good idea, even if it is to use a shredder to cut butter.

I may not be the person who can stand on a beach of sand and think, “Hey, I know, I’ll just get some of this sand and remove the silicon from it to make a transistor.”

But, I do get good ideas. I don’t own those ideas and I’m not the only person those good ideas come to. I believe we are all connected to a divine infinite Mind, outpouring good ideas. I’ve learned to be grateful for good ideas, to share them, and to expect more.

From 21st Century Science and Health

“When human beings realize they no longer want to believe in physical suffering, they turn from the body to Spirit and call on divine sources outside of themselves.

“Soul has infinite resources with which to bless humankind, and happiness is more readily responded to and more secure in our keeping, if found in Soul.”


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