Light can be reflected

What would it feel like if we didn’t have any artificial light?

We’d only be able to see during the daytime, or when the moon was brightly reflecting the sun, or occasionally when lightning would flash.

It could be a bit, well, dark. Especially during the short winter days here in the north. I’d want to hibernate with the bears if I didn’t have artificial lighting.

I recently heard a talk on the history of lighting. The Historian spoke on the first light humankind made, fire. “Some people were good at it and some weren’t good at making a fire,” said the Historian.

I’d be the person who went to my neighbor to borrow some fire.

Then candles, oil, fuel, lamps, and electricity came along, revolutionizing the world. My refrigerator light puts out more light than my grandmother had in her bedroom when a child.

But, grandma never said it was terrible. The history of light was an evolution in consciousness. They understood each step of progress. As lighting evolved, people were actually brilliant. They’d put a candle in a holder, near reflective material to brighten the light. Or, they put the lite candle near a bulb of blown glass filled with water. That too would brighten the light. Or, both, see picture below.

The reflective material and the water amplified the light.

I wonder.

I’ve met people who are like lights in the room. They express joy, honesty, and integrity. Even if I’m not feeling particularly enlightened, can I at least serve as reflective material for that light? I think so.

Quotes from an abridged version of Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health, titled, From Science & Religion to God:

“Darkness is not turned into light. Light shines and the darkness is naturally displaced.

“Spirituality allows us to read the human situation correctly, with healing intent and power. The light of spiritual truth exposes and displaces erroneous human thoughts, and demonstrates healing.

“We can watch the brightening light of Truth, harmony, and the entireness of God.”

candle light mirror water in bulb


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