The devil and God

Sometimes I’m reluctant to read the news. Murder, slander, hate crimes, prison escapes, it gets to be too much.

This is where “the devil” comes in handy. And, I mean that in a singular tone. A devil; an impersonal devil. Not a bunch of human devils.

To believe people are devilish, is futile to a consciousness improving. The thinker gets caught in a whirlwind of seeing horrible acts, trying to identify its motivation, and applying non-conclusive solutions.

All the while, horrible acts still continue in the world, even though we have confinement, capital punishment, and counseling.

The advanced consciousness, though, is able to separate the person from the act, and better defeat the “tradition” of horribleness, the devil.

I can only arrive at this belief in “a devil” by believing in one God, even if my concept of God expands each day. But it allows me to get out of myself, my fears, and my egomania, to connect with the ideal of goodness, God. I’m better prepared to overcome the devil.

My mind opens to see goodness overbalance the crap.

In the world, I can not only read about, but also experience, milestones reached, forgiveness, cooperation, and common sense. I can move forward in these traditions.

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