Maleficent film review

Disney’s film, Maleficent started out with a big clash between the human world and the world of fairies. My first thought was, “This is a movie for children?” I’m not into attacking, fighting, and destruction for children.

But, I hung in there and watched the entire movie. There was a lot of flashing, flying around, spectacular imagination. At the age of sixteen, Maleficent was kissed by what she thought was true love.

Years later, her kisser betrayed her. Maleficent became revengeful and bitter.

When her ex-lover got married and had a baby, they named Aurora, Maleficent put a spell on Aurora, she would prick her finger when she was sixteen and fall into a coma. Yep, Sleeping Beauty.

So, sixteen years goes by and Maleficent’s heart warms up. Her bitterness melts like snow and waters her love for innocence and goodness. She even wants to trust love again.

But, Aurora does prick her finger and fall into a coma. Oh, I forgot to mention that just before her sixteenth birthday, Aurora meets a dashing young prince.

In a coma, Maleficent brings the prince to Aurora, hoping his kiss would awaken her. No such luck.

After the prince was gone, Maleficent stands near Aurora and says, “I’d ask for forgiveness but what I did was unforgiveable.” She then leans over to kiss Aurora on the forehead, and surprise, ha, Aurora wakes up.

I loved the movie.

Yes, why not re-write the Sleeping Beauty tale with a little reality.

Oh sure, I’ve met couples who have truly love one another since they were sixteen, kudos to them, but love is more. Love is great. Love is contrition, patience, forgiveness, humility, and care. Love doesn’t even have to be related by blood.



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